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This episode: Galaxy Quest! Which is to say: belief, placebo, Thermians, Jason Nesmith as totally-not-William-Shatner, and the most affectionate Star Trek parody ever.

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  • Jonathan Campbell




    Had to say it.

    Galaxy Quest is a lot of fun.

  • SithSmurf

    I disagree with you in a minor way. I think the Thermians understand lies just fine. When Jason Nesmith tells Mathesar (the lead Thermian) that is was a lie, Mathesar seems to understand just fine, and asks only about their motive.
    I think it’s fiction that they don’t understand. We (humans) can see something we know isn’t real, and yet we can still laugh and weep and hate and love and all the emotional connections in between, in ways that go beyond intellectual considerations of hypothetical situations.
    It’s just an irrational quirk of our brains, and it’s not really odd that a different species wouldn’t get it.

    Just a minor nit about a very good review!

    • Jonathan Campbell

      Its somewhere in-between. They understand lying as something that Sarris (the villain) does and cannot believe that the crew of the Galaxy Quest would ever do such a thing. When Jason tells Mathesar that “we pretended”, Mathesar’s heart is broken; but when Jason and the crew end up beating Sarris anyway, Mathesar believes that Jason was tricking Sarris (and that Thermian girl who joins the renewed show….yeah, she probably doesn’t realize its fiction).

      More like, they had no concept of lying until Sarris came along; fiction and pretending are just the next step in that. They still at the very least have trouble with the concept of lies.

      • Sardu

        Obviously at the end of this adventure they do now understand the value of trickery, or a lie told toward an ostensibly good or moral end. The crew of the Quest would be the snake in the Garden, it seems…

  • maarvarq

    The great thing for me about Galaxy Quest, apart from as you say having been made by people who obviously know and love the original (down to the jokes about the Technical Manual), is that it manages the perfect balance between being far enough from its model to be funny, instead of just regurgitating it, but close enough to still be a parody rather than branching off into irrelevancy.

    Are you going to redo the sound (you’re a bit hard to understand at times) and post this officially, or is this a throwaway one?

  • Thomas Stockel

    Speaking as a hardcore Star Trek fan, I love the hell out of Galaxy Quest. I especially liked how yeah, Tim Allen redeems himself in the end but from the start he is never a complete, nigh irredeemable jerk. You get a feel for how lonely he is, sitting at home, or how utterly frustrated he is regarding his career. Likewise I love the hell out of the cast and I think God they never made a sequel. Galaxy Quest is one of those movies that works perfectly as a standalone.

    • Sardu

      I think that’s based on Shatner as well. Even though some people in his life do really seem to hate him, one gets the impression he has enough charisma that even though he can be insufferable in some ways most people will admit that there’s something loveable underneath the ham and that often when he is actually being a jerk he’s not *trying* to be, and he is trying to do what’s best not just for himself but for the group. Not necessarily succeeding, but trying. He just needs to learn to be sensitive to other’s feelings.

  • Capt. Harlock

    “Did you guys ever WATCH the show???” 2nd best line in the movie.

    “Besides-heheheheheh, I just had this really interesting idea…” Best line in the movie.