VIDEO: Gahan Wilson's Diner (1992)

A short film from the ’90s, with spooky imagery and an ill-fitting soundtrack!

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  • Thomas Stockel

    This reminds me of the animation from Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

  • danbreunig

    I was really surprised to know about this short film for years without seeing it yet (I’m going to now, fairly soon) and learning that it came out in 1991–which I actually find rather recent. Gahan Wilson’s been at it for around fifty years now, and if you look at his one-panel cartoons and illustrations you can tell he grew up in an older generation, although some of his situations are timeless. I sure recognized quite a few toons from his Still Weird collection, and as far as magazine cartoonists and book illustrators go I just love his sense of humor, but not the way he physically draws–many of his drawings are very round and bulky and hard for your eye to adjust to what’s there on the paper. But dang it he’s funny! Dark and aloof maybe, but funny.

    • Absolutely! It’s the humor that works, but the illustration kind of irks me from saying that it’s fabulous. IDK maybe i’ve been spoiled on other cartoonists like Addams. 😛

      • danbreunig

        Maybe I wouldn’t go so far as to call it spoilage. Gahan’s definitely an acquired taste, and once you get past the eyestrain and on to the wording it all pays off. I’m a partial fan of his stuff just for the very humor like I said. But for me particularly when I want aloof bizarre playful makes-its-own-kind-of-sense black & white illustration humor, Edward Gorey’s my man.