RAW FEED: G-Nome Playable Demo - Helicops 1997

A quick run-through of the G-Nome demo mission from the Helicops shareware disc. 7th Level was the other good part of Ion Storm, after Ion Storm Austin (Deus Ex).

The demo contains just this one mission; you can’t play the training mission, and if you try to start a multiplayer session the game crashes to desktop.

The gameplay is very close to the final version. The computer voice effect isn’t finished, and there are a few place-holder sound effects (when the infantry are killed it sounds like one of the programmers just spilled coffee on himself). The missile explosion effect is much more firey and red, than the ball of light from the release version. Laser weapons also recharge MUCH slower than in the real game.

The worst thing I noticed is that the hit detection for the VISOM fly-by-wire missile is… almost missing. The VISOM missile isn’t normally on the Union Tactical Defense chassis, I bet they included it because it’s a selling point (it’s in all the trailers too). Of course there were fly-by-wire missiles in Earthsiege (1994) so it’s not THAT special. In the recorded run, I don’t think I used the VISOM at all because they were so useless.

Technical Junk:
Windows 98SE
Athlon 900
GeForce MX440
Some amount of RAM (maybe 2GB, way more than is needed)

Captured w/ AVermedia GameBroadcaster HD C127 capture card on secondary machine
Aver ReCentral
800×600 @60hz
20 Mbps

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