You Guys, The New British Muppet Teevee Show Is Going To Be Amazing

Never let it be said that I am not excited by all things Muppet, because that would be a dirty lie. A BBC-Sesame Street Workshop teevee crossover thingy is pretty much all I want out of life. So I was quite excited to hear about this:

The show is about an adorable family of goofy monsters who are running an “almost” world-class hotel. That is, it would be world-class if the monster’s incompetent antics didn’t get in the way. Owner Funella Furchester has good intentions but her husband, Furgus Fuzz, feels put upon by the demands of the hotel.

Cookie Monster is in his element at “The Furchester,” having scored a job as a room service and dining room waiter (so one has to wonder how much food actually makes it to paying customers). Elmo is the cousin of Phoebe, the owners’ daughter, and he is on an extended visit. Needless to say he loves answering phones, pushing elevator buttons and just generally being cute.

Umm…guys? Hey, guys? You do realize that this is sounding pretty much like a Muppetized version of Fawlty Towers. OHMYGOD THIS IS THE BEST IDEA OF ALL TIME. So Furgus is Basil:

You Guys, The New British Muppet Teevee Show Is Going To Be Amazing

Funella is Sybil:


Cookie Monster is Manuel:


And Elmo is…Polly? Sorta?


Regrettably, there will not likely be a Muppet version of the best Fawlty scene ever:

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