Full House “The House Meets the Mouse (Part II)” (part 2 of 3)

So Joey decides to order pizza inside their Magic Space Dome underwater, and Jessie spends forty minutes trying to figure out how that would work before he freaks out and beats Joey down for his stupidity. So I guess he’s back to being the straight man?

Jessie doesn’t want to stay underwater forever, because remember, he’s got his wonderful wife who still thinks he’s straight, and she’s waiting for him and everything. So he tells Joey to be a man and swim out of the dome with him.

They put on their scuba gear and flippers and start swimming out. Joey hangs onto Jessie’s legs for dear life, though he obviously doesn’t seem that worried, because he takes the opportunity to compliment Jessie on his sexy, sexy calves. So… what, was this all a plot to feel Jessie up?

Stop writing, slash-ficcers.

Full House "The House Meets the Mouse (Part II)" (part 2 of 3)

The shark’s in sight! The music works itself up to a fever pitch, and then… the shark curls up in a corner somewhere and they swim away. Okay.

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Multi-Part Article: Full House "The House Meets the Mouse (Part II)"

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