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In this episode: princesses, knights and queens, Linkara, Count Jackula, and some of the reasons Frozen was so insanely popular. Also, Ursa breaks into song. Because how else would you expect her to celebrate her 100th episode?

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  • Muthsarah

    <—— Team Anna

    I suspect you're gonna dodge this one, but I'll try to make this comment so big that it's impossible. Now that we've all had a few months to let things sink in, meditate, reflect, and/or write our 100th episodes of successful long-running video review series, how does Frozen fit in with the Re-NAY-sance films, quality/likeyness-wise? I suspect you're not a quantifier/lister/ranker sort, but I am (compulsively, and what's more rewarding than actively looking for faults in things you otherwise like?), and all I've heard people say is "best since Lion King". Thus implying that, as mega-popular as the movie was, it STILL doesn't stack up. Like Disney can still do better, somehow. What think you?

    Personally (because, obviously I have an opinion or I wouldn't have brought it up), it's my favorite of all of them save Aladdin. Fave of last year too.

    Basically, this is, like, step one to my follow-up: Do you think Disney can follow this up at all? Like…plausibly? Can it realistically get BETTER? I just can't think of many movies that have made this kinda splash at the box office and in pop culture. Titanic…Avatar…Avengers…Frozen (the only one I actually went out and saw). Like, that's it. Maybe Phantom Menace…sorta.

    Actually, for all I know (after that P&P thing), maybe you only "Stuff You Like" the movie, and don't exactly "Stuff You Love" it. Was this just a properly, agreeably successful movie, or a splendiferously gorgeous fun surprising cute awesome sweet moving shocking beautiful moving perfect-except-for-the-troll-song experience?

    I'm looking forward to another hundred eps, and, as I cannot expect much criticism given the show's titular raison d'etre, I instead hope to see much, much squee.

    • Jill Bearup

      I understand all the problems with the plot, and the characters looking identical, but honestly, I don’t care. I love it, and I’m not sure if it’s my favourite Disney movie ever, but…it might be. And if it’s not, it’s definitely top 3.

      It’s…genuinely good and positive and it has heart and while I have never heard so much griping in my comments section (not here) about plotholes and Hans and unconvincingness, I will not be swayed. Frozen is a joyous film and I love it to bits.

      Can they do better? I think so, in a lot of ways (hello, story with no obvious plotholes) but just because something is technically better doesn’t mean I’m going to like it more.

  • maarvarq

    Anna is weapon-grade adorable, but Elsa is the one I fell in love with :-) It’d be great if Disney could immediately build on this to make still greater movies, but if it turns out to be a local maximum, and they take a while to get better than this, that’s probably OK too.

    Speaking of adorable redheads :-), will your videos still be available on The Agony Booth, or should I set up an RSS feed on That Guy With The Glasses?

    • Jill Bearup

      Oh, I’m not going anywhere, you can still find me right here! :)

      (Also, Anna as weapons-grade adorable is a phrase I am definitely stealing for something) :)