VIDEO: From Within (2008)

A group of religious people freak out when a curse spreads around that causes people to be killed by dopplegangers of themselves. Oh, the sucky things America’s Next Top Model helped me discover…

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  • danbreunig

    Nice little take on something I know I won’t see–thanks for sparing me, FofQ. So, one more comments list from me:

    -Finally, some very practical Latin I can use in my own daily life!

    -So now I have closure on Ryan and Stan. I still miss `em.

    -I want all reality TV to stop as soon as the year 2000. I mean no humor or snark in that comment.

    -Those three piano chords are a very slowed down intro to Over The Mountain. Well, *I* hear it.

    -Cliche #63: any character can justify any act as long as s/he legally says “God wills it”.

    -Funny bad horror movie because unimportant characters all die poorly? I…have no answer…

    -The ending is From Within, Silent Hill, and (I guess?) Mirror Questions all in one.

    I feel purged now.

    • FullofQuestions1

      Thanks for watching! I guess I should reply with a list.

      – The first two bits of Latin are choral Latin, which I’ve been told is different from spoken Latin. I think you recognize the last bit. :)

      -Believe me, we all want reality TV to stop.

      -The original joke I had was that those three chords sound like “Requiem for a Dream.”

      -Yes, I think crazy republicans like that cliche (sorry if I’m insulting your political views).

      – It’s not hilarious because unimportant characters die poorly. It’s because the setup and the over the top acting and dialogue are so ridiculous (apart from a couple of pretentious talky scenes). Not caring about the characters makes it less scary and more just plain entertaining when they die.

      Glad you feel purged. :)

      • danbreunig

        Hey don’t worry, you didn’t insult me any. The truth is I’ve grown more and more apolitical the last few years. And Requiem? I couldn’t quite hear it as easily as the opening to a 1981 Ozzy/Rhoads song (shows how far I drift). Sorry to hear you couldn’t work real pain into your art with the post-teeth-removal face.

  • MichaelANovelli

    I liked it! And stop watching reality shows…

    • FullofQuestions1

      Does “What Would You Do” count as a reality show? Because I have weakness for it.

      • MichaelANovelli

        I think that’s more of a game show…

  • The_Stig

    Pardon me for saying so, FoQ but your sex talk in latin? EXTREMELY hot.

    • FullofQuestions1

      Haha, thanks! I knew those chorus songs would come in handy.

    • Muthsarah

      I wish I knew the Latin for “I’ll have what she’s having”. This would be the time to know it.

  • FullofQuestions1

    My biggest regret with this review: Not filming the bit with my “doppleganger” yesterday, after I’d gotten my wisdom teeth out, when I had blood dripping out of my mouth. Just a random thought.

    • Hitchmeister

      Re, the doppelganger bit: I don’t think that qualifies as suicide, although it may indicate that you are the evil one.

    • $36060516

      Then you could have written the dentistry off as an expense against your Blip earnings!

      • FullofQuestions1

        Haha, yes, my Blip earnings. I earn about a buck per episode on Blip.

        • $36060516

          Bloop… :-(

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    best ending EVER!!!

    • FullofQuestions1

      The movie or the video?

      • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

        The movie, sorry the reviews ending wasn’t bad but there are reviews with better ones, certainly beats tale of the mummy’s ending

  • TheScottCSmith

    Now I feel oddly compelled to learn Latin. Should I be embarrassed to say I watched the season of America’s Next Top Model featuring those twins?

    • FullofQuestions1

      The easiest way to learn a little Latin: sing in a choir. My chorus teacher in high school conducted a church choir on the side, so he saved time and money by giving us AND his church choir lots of religious songs.

      I don’t know how to answer that question. I guess we can suffer together a little with this embarrassing confession. By the way, I think you’re the only heterosexual male I know who’s watched that show.

      • $36060516

        I watched a couple of seasons of it and am heterosexual as well, though I didn’t watch it the traditional way. Sometimes they would show entire season marathons on some cable channel like Bravo (okay, admitting I’ve watched Bravo does not exactly up my hetero cred), so I would put on a whole season while doing chores around the house. Basically, the show is full of beautiful ladies — how come more hetero guys aren’t interested, I wonder.

      • TheScottCSmith

        I’ve always been a sucker for reality TV. Not sure why I used to watch America’s Next Top Model. There are many things I can’t readily explain about myself! Right now I don’t have cable or satellite TV, so I tend to go with shows I know are broadcast on Hulu like the Gordon Ramsay shows. I think America’s Next Top Model is also on Hulu, but I don’t feel compelled to watch it any longer.

  • Cristiona

    Yeah, Latin’s good for making most anything sound impressive.

    Aio quantitas magna frumentorum est

    • danbreunig

      “There is a large amount of corn?”

      • FullofQuestions1


        • danbreunig

          Hey, that’s what Google Translate showed me!

  • chromesthesia

    OMG! An ANE BRUN SONG! I love her!