RAW FEED: Friday Night Fright Flicks Vlog #2: You're Next, House of Whipcord, The Frighteners

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The Horror Guru and Count Jackula are back with another Fright Knight Transmission! This week they dish about YOU’RE NEXT, HOUSE OF WHIPCORD and THE FRIGHTENERS all while expressing their mutual attraction for the elderly scream queens DEE WALLACE and BARBARA CRAMPTON. Oh, and at some point they bring up SUPERNATURAL too, because it’s not a true Fright Knight Transmission unless someone comes close to expressing their secret love of Jensen Ackles’ manly chin. Mmm, beefcake!

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  • danbreunig

    The original The ABCs Of Death:

  • $36060516

    I like these discussions a lot. To throw a few thoughts of my own into the void:

    1) When you described season 6 of “Supernatural” sucking because it was supposed to end with season 5, reminded me of “Babylon 5,” where the same thing happened. The show was planned as a single story with a beginning and end and it was supposed to be canceled and then it was suddenly renewed and he had to think of a whole season of TV to squeeze in before the already filmed final episode. One of the main characters in the final episode was played by someone who left the show acrimoniously at the end of that season, so he also had to explain why that person was gone for the whole season and then reappears in the final episode!

    2) I agree with you about Joel Schumacher, but the one thing you left out of the equation of why certain of his movies are good and other bad are the writers. These are the guys who come up with the entire plot, scenes, characters, and dialogue which are the core of the whole movie, yet people always ignore their role. An example I tend to give is the difference between “Alien” and “Prometheus.” Everyone was excited because Ridley Scott was coming back to the Alien universe, but that universe was conceived by a duo of screenwriters who weren’t going to be working on the new movie. They wrote the entire script of “Alien” (except for a few revisions by a couple of other guys the studio brought in before Scott was involved) and made the rounds of movie studios and found a deal to get the movie made and only after all of that was Ridley Scott hired. Yet people think if Ridley Scott is involved “the guy who created ‘Alien’ is back!” Anyway, the point of all that was that “Phone Booth” was written by Larry Cohen, who wrote and directed many horror films including “It’s Alive” and “The Stuff.” So Joel Schumacher’s contribution, while important, isn’t the whole reason why that was a good movie.

    Again, enjoyed the discussion. Just got my mind percolating and wanted to bark back.