RAW FEED: Fright Bites- Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters. Just… Ghostbusters.

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  • Bouncy X

    i liked it too, wasn’t expecting much and i wasn’t all depressed and angry like many others about this one so maybe that helped. but i thought it was enjoyable, i just don’t get why they went the “reboot” route. and having the original actors do cameos as new characters probably kills any chance of “soft reboot” happening with the sequel which is a shame.

    it would have been nice to see the original boys somehow pass the baton as the idea of multiple ghosbuster teams would make sense considering how big NYC itself is not to mention if they were every needed in other states or countries.

    but maybe they’ll pretend the cameos never happened and somehow get some of the “og gang” to play their original characters in future sequels if there are any.