VIDEO: Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

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In this episode, the Fear Fan examines the rebirth of the Friday the 13th franchise! This bold, exciting new take on the series had the working title of Repetition, and that tells you just about all you need to know.

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  • TheRedWorm

    Triple crotch shot!

  • RockyDmoney

    Blue stripes? I dont get it. Why so pissed? And what does indy jones have to do with this?

    • Jonathan Campbell

      The blue stripes thing was that this film was supposed to give the franchise a shot of adrenaline by introducing a new villain yet all they gave us was a guy dressed as Jason. And they think they can get away with it by giving him such a minor change as giving the hockey mask blue stripes instead of red- because ITS DIFFERENT!

      • Nick Zbu

        The reveal would have been better if they just had shown that it was Roy. But since Paramount was going to get some Jason out of this movie, you really couldn’t have Roy the Paramedic burst through the door. Fear Fan is right: Tommy should have just been the killer all along. Then again, that was walked back pretty fucking quickly in Part 6 anyway.

  • Nick Zbu

    The best thing to say about this movie is that you can skip from ‘The Final Chapter’ to Part 6 and it makes all the sense in the world. Seriously, this entire movie can be skipped without any real hit to continuity. The only real loss is Victor axing Fudge Boy and the immediate jumpcut to the Police Squad intro.

    • Nick Zbu

      That said, you ever think anybody at Paramount said ‘I have the perfect followup to Jason…and it’s ROY!’

      • fearfanforever

        Actually, I considered that joke, but the episode was running long as it was. 🙂

  • DeanD

    I’m not really a fan of this franchise (though I am a fan of these reviews) so what I vaguely remember when originally watching this installment on HBO back in the day was how sad I was when the kid got butchered just for wanting to share his chocolate bars, the other black kid from Diff’rent Strokes and boobies. I liked the mystery element of whether it was really Jason or someone else doing the killings, partly because I was a kid and didn’t know any better, but also it’s different which given this franchise’s sameness was a breath of fresh air. Now granted, I haven’t seen this film in over 25 years, and even after this funny yet critical review I think A New Beginning gets an unfair bad rap.

    • fearfanforever

      No worries! One of the great things about watching/making these reviews is that you’re always exposed to new opinions. I can UNDERSTAND why people might find this one refreshing, but sadly, the flaws I see prevent me from sharing in that experience.

  • MichaelANovelli

    Been cribbing my jokes again, Les? 😉 LOL

    • fearfanforever

      Oh? I wasn’t aware that I had been. Which joke?

      • MichaelANovelli

        I’m not saying I invented Ron Burgundy, but I was the first to recognize his potential for pointing out when things escalate fast! LOL

  • clockworkcanary

    *does the Robot in his room a la Violet!*

  • Jeff Cramer

    I interviewed the late Danny Steinmann about the film. It may not change people’s perceptions of the film, but it may give an idea on why certain things were done a certain way. Here’s the link: