Friday Link Love: Pick Up Artists And Liquor, Awww Yeah

We’re pretty over the Simpsons because we’re cool like that, but we’ll never get over the awesome of these Guillermo Del Toro Treehouse of Horror opening credits even though it has been hanging about for a few days now:

Slashfilm will tell you all about the insane cost thus far of the new Hobbit film, Hobbits in Hobbitville: The Hobbiting, or whatever the hell it is called.


Death and Taxes has a great feature on all-women all-kickass band Savages.

The Hairpin went to the Nashville Whiskey Festival and makes us kinda sad we missed it and kinda glad we missed it.

Take some quality time out of your day and go get your longread on with Katie J.M. Baker’s piece about a pick-up artist in Denmark.

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