Friday Link Love: We Kill You Dead With Liquor And Adorable Toddlers

BuzzFeed UK has the first photos of terminally dapper Benedict Cumberbatch starring as gay cryptographer Alan Turing in what will be the nerdiest awesomest biopic ever.

Design Sponge rolls us into the weekend with 10 great cocktails from their archives just in case you’re the kind of fancy person that isn’t already guzzling bottom-shelf whiskey yet today.

Mental Floss has an absurdly thorough history of the Trapper Keeper and do not show up in our comments saying you are young and have no idea what a Trapper Keeper is because no one asked you, youngster.

Jennifer Weiner writes a hilarious takedown of Jonathan Franzen’s insufferably retrograde smug Guardian article.

Videogum tips us off to the Perfect Breakdancing Baby who is literally so perfect that it kills us. We are dead.

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