Friday in the blurbs

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The blurbs are back with twice as much Walking Dead… even more Batman characters who aren’t Batman… an update on American Gods…  and so much more…

  • What do you call a spinoff that features none of the characters that appeared on the original show? Actually there’s no word yet on the title of AMC’s new Walking Dead not-really-a-spinoff series that is just like Walking Dead, but somewhere else with another group of survivors. Hey, wait, there is a phrase for that—cash grab.


  • For the first time, Netflix has snagged the rights to stream a TV series before the pilot has even hit the air. The deal to bring Gotham to Netflix is reportedly worth $1.75 million per episode, which would be the second highest price ever paid to stream a series. My lack of faith the long-term success of the show remains unchanged. I predict a stunning drop off in viewers throughout Season 1.


  • Remember that guy Liam Neeson played in Batman Begins? Kind of? Well, Matt Nable of The Borgias is going to play that same guy in Arrow this season. Like Neeson, Nable is a blond-haired British guy, while the character in the comic book is Arabic. I mean, the dude’s name is Ra’s al Ghul, come on.


  • The showrunner of NBC’s Hannibal is confident that he’ll start shooting the first season of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods for Starz in “mid-to-late 2015.” HBO originally had dibs on the series but gave up, saying every treatment they saw sucked. The show could have promise as sort of a True Blood clone but with ancient gods running around the modern world killing each other rather than vampires.


  • I don’t care if the lawsuit you’re writing about involves Breaking Bad, this is the most painfully stupid metaphor I’ve read all year: “In chemistry, atoms and molecules form chemical compounds. The law operates similarly. Facts support legal claims.” That’s from The Hollywood Reporter, clearly an entertainment magazine and not a legal journal. At issue is a dude that pre-ordered “the final season” of Breaking Bad from iTunes only to get screwed when AMC split the final season in two. Why either side would pay a lawyer’s fees to deal with this $21.99 matter is beyond me.


  • The View is really stepping up its star power after a tumbling the ratings last season. When the show returns a week from Monday, Rosie Perez will join Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell as hosts. Also some communications person for George W. Bush as the token conservative to talk some sense to these Hollywood lie-beral whackjobs.


  • Did you know Scrubs’s Donald Faison has a sitcom on TV Land? With 3rd Rock from the Sun couple Wayne Knight and Kristen Johnson? Well, he does, it’s called The Exes, and it’s just been renewed for Season 4. FOUR!

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