Friday in the blurbs

Friday in the blurbs

A $10 million lawsuit over nakedness on Dating Naked… Resident Evil is looking for a new home on TV… and Nickelodeon thinks there’s so darn much more to the story of School of Rock. All this and more in the blurbs…

  • Nickelodeon is turning Jack Black’s School of Rock into a family-friendly sitcom, which sounds kind of cute. Meanwhile, Andrew Lloyd Webber is turning Jack Black’s School of Rock into a Broadway musical, which sounds excruciating.


  • Resident Evil already has more movies that most TV series have episodes, and now the zombie video game adaptation is be re-adapted for the small screen. The show would follow a homicide detective who uncovers a conspiracy to cover up a series of zombie-related murders.


  • Dating Naked is getting sued by a… contestant? (What do you call someone on that show?) Anyway, the show failed to blur out a quick flash of the young woman’s va-jay-jay (labia, technically), and now $10 million lawsuit. (Apparently only the other contestants, producers, crew, and editors were supposed to see that.) You can find the offending shot online if you’re so inclined, but I’m not going to link to it here because said young woman does not want you to see it and there’s so many other online photos of naked ladies who actually do want you to look at their naughty bits so why don’t you just google those.


  • Speaking of people who want you to see them naked, cast shots from the upcoming Doctor Who porn parody are available on Amy Pond’s cop outfit is oddly less fetish-sexy than on the actual show.


  • Jennifer Anniston says she avoids leaving the house because of online bullying… because she apparently doesn’t know where online bullying takes place. To be fair, it’s really the newspaper (The Independent) uses this nonsensical phrasing. Anniston’s point that widespread online dickery is encouraging people to be more aggressively hostile to strangers in real life is a good one.


  • Everyone on Mythbusters except for the two you’ve heard of are leaving. Adam and Jessie will host the show all by their lonesomes next season.


  • Good news, everybody! Or at least everybody who misses Futurama as much as I do. Bender and pals will be crossing over with The Simpsons this November. (The gang from Family Guy does the same in October.)


  • Still mourning over the end of Fringe? Maybe a prequel novel will help.

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