Fred Savage talks about your cat or kid or whatever, so buy a Honda

fred savage today

Fred Savage has one of the most oxymoronic names in show business (second only to Ernie Killyouinyoursleep), and now he’s got the voiceover gig for Honda’s new commercials. That’s not normally the kind of announcement that makes news, but in a clever little marketing ploy, Honda has convinced Fred to narrator your home videos as practice for his new job.


Submit your home videos—nothing naughty, sorry, Kim Kardashian—and Fred will lend his dulcet vocals to your daughter’s piano recital, cousin’s wedding, or baseball-to-the-groin that you never got around to sending into America’s Funniest Home Videos.

This’d make a lot more sense with Daniel Stern, who was the one who actually served as narrator for The Wonder Years, but whatever. Just tweet your video to #HondaPromo to enter.

So far, entries seem to be mostly cats and babies, so pretty much the same shit you see on Twitter anyway.

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