FOX’s New Singing Competition Offers Role on "Empire" as Prize

We were all relieved when American Idol finally ended after fourteen seasons. No more embarrassing auditions/judges/controversies/admitting we still watched it after Simon left.

FOX's New Singing Competition Offers Role on "Empire" as Prize

“I know I didn’t. #Shade”

American Idol is barely laid into the grave, but it seems FOX is already on the lookout for the next singing competition, using its newest cash cow as the hook: Empire. 

Step aside, Ryan Murphy.


From July 16 to September 16, a tour bus affiliated with the show will travel to fifteen cities in the United States as part of a promotional tour. The bus will be outfitted with a recording studio so fans will have the chance to record their versions of Empire‘s biggest iTunes hits. There will also be a photo booth where fans can stand in for Lucious Lyon and apparently eat Cookie’s freshly baked cookies.

But I thought Cookie doesn’t share?

In addition, FOX is announcing a new companion competition, Fox’s Next Empire Artist, where contestants get to sing their hearts out for a chance to guest star on the show as a musician employed by the fictional record company. The contest rules are straightforward but strict: contestants must submit a 45-second video singing acapella from a pre-approved song list.

No, “She Bangs” is not an acceptable submission.

Upon further examination of the rules, this singing competition seems like it won’t be following in the footsteps of American Idol. Contest entries will be submitted quietly online or mailed to the FOX offices in lieu of being broadcast on national television. Semi finalists will have to submit to a screen test to prove they won’t be awkward on camera, unlike The Glee Project, which attempted to find their next season’s star via a reality show (instead of, you know, actual auditions) and ended up with an awkward Irish kid who mumbled all his lines.

For now, it appears Empire fans can rest easy.

Susan Velazquez

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