FOX Cancels Ryan Seacrest’s "Knock Knock Live" After 2 Episodes

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Not Ryan Seacrest. His new FOX game show Knock Knock Live has been officially canceled after two episodes.

What do you mean, “Not Ryan Seacrest. His new Fox game show Knock Knock Live has been officially canceled after two episodes, who?” This isn’t a real knock, knock joke.

Knock Knock Live was advertised as “the next generation live reality TV show.” It featured Ryan Seacrest sending camera crews to the homes of unsuspecting contestants to give them the chance to humiliate themselves on TV, i.e., the American dream. Shockingly, making less-fortunate schlubs literally get on their hands and knees and scrape their prize money off the street with their bare hands didn’t turn into much of a draw, even with celebrity guests such as David Beckham, Adrienne Bailon, and Justin Bieber.

The idea was to change lives with prizes “like a paid-off mortgage [or] getting a surprise marriage proposal or having your favorite celebrity show up at your door.” In execution, it was more Candid Camera if Alan Funt hated you and your family.

Justin Bieber coming to your door seems the opposite of  a prize but that’s just me.

The premiere episode averaged 1.75 million viewers, which is bad even by FOX standards, and the second episode was even lower, getting crushed by lukewarm competition like CBS’s Zoo and ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. Business Insider says, “Fox probably pulled the plug so early because they would end up losing money in advertising dollars and production costs.”

Even at its best, Knock Knock Live seemed like it wanted to be an hour-long Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes commercial so it’s no surprise that it wasn’t a hit with viewers.

Can you imagine watching this for a whole hour? With Ryan Seacrest hosting?

But never fear, Ryan Seacrest is busy producing Keeping Up with the Kardashians and the new Jennifer Lopez cop drama Shades of Blue so I’m sure the cancellation of his game show won’t keep him down for long.


Susan Velazquez

Susan is a recent college grad and writer who enjoys all things from the 1980s, snarking on dumb television, and reveling in celebrity gossip. Oh, and she has serious interests like reading historical fiction, getting involved in social issues, and consuming French fries.

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