Fox Business: Why Does The LEGO Movie Hate America?

Fox Business Network’s Charles Payne is very indignant that The LEGO Movie, the weekend’s top-grossing film, is “pushing its anti-business message to our kids” because the villain is an evil businessman. He also remarks that the character “looks a little bit like Mitt Romney,” which is maybe a stretch.


Payne reprises the Fox complaint that 2011’s The Muppets, which grossed $165 million worldwide, was a deeply anti-capitalist movie as well. It’s almost as if Fox anchors are made of felt and have Roger Ailes’s hand up their ass, controlling their every word and movement. There is a word for that, we think.

Elsewhere in the segment, co-host Martha MacCallum gripes that “Hollywood has long been dominated by the far left, which is very anti-capitalist” and that for these ruthless commmies,

“it’s all about the bottom line, so they’ll hire a Republican star like Sylvester Stallone or Bruce Willis if they think they can carry the movie and make money.”

Yep, those Hollywood socialists will do whatever they can to undercut capitalism by pumping out movies that make tons of money and “embed[ding] anti-capitalist messages” in those wildly popular movies. Which they force people to see at gunpoint or something.

Guest Paul Dergarabedian does at least attempt to point out that Hollywood studios are not exactly collective farms, and that they seem to be fairly adept at doing capitalism. “It is all about capitalism — it’s a free market economy, so if people don’t want to go see the movie, they don’t have to.”

Oh, but won’t someone please think about the children? Payne whines before going to commercial.

Mercy sakes, why would anyone ever get the impression that a Captain of Industry could be an evildoer? Heaven knows that real CEOs are always wonderful, caring people, as we noted a few weeks back when Gary Southern, the head of Freedom Industries, the company that poisoned West Virginia’s water, was so tired from being a responsible job creator that he just couldn’t answer any reporters’ questions:

We bet he was secretly on the payroll of a Big Hollywood Studio to make capitalism look bad.

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