Former TV heartthrob comes out as messiah

Former TV heartthrob comes out as messiah

Appearing in 24 episodes of Seventh Heaven (and one TV movie of Teenage Caveman) is apparently all it takes to start your own religion. Would-be teen heartthrob Andrew Keegan may never have captured the hearts of as many 14-year-old girls as one Mr. Kirk Cameron, but he’s definitely one-upping the evangelical banana boy in sheer spiritual ambition.

Keegan (who also appeared on the big screen in 10 Things I Hate about You) has set himself up as grand poobah of his own religious order, called “Full Circle” because how much creativity do you really expect from an actor. Pope Andrew I knew he had a spiritual calling when he got the shit kicked out of by gangstas on the same day as the Japanese tsunami, which totally has to MEAN SOMETHING, YOU GUYS! If that’s not enough proof, check this shit out:

“I had a moment where I was looking at a street lamp and it exploded,” he explained. “That was a weird coincidence.”

But nothing is really a coincidence in this world, so he’s pretty much the messiah. The rest of his spiritual message pretty much sounds like New Age Mad-Libs.

“[T]he mission is to take the war out of our story, which is essentially peace, but activated peace.”


“I very much speak what comes through [while] in the collective,” Keegan said. “We create a resonance of balance and equality of the crew. When you feel those chakras aligned, there’s guided messing coming in. If there is something of spiritual ego within that, it must not exist.”

Sign me up. If for some reason you still need a little more convincing, read on.

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