VIDEO: Renegado’s 50th Episode Special: For a Few Reviews More

Part One:

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Part Two:

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In this Very Special Episode, the Renegado bares his soul about Mexican stereotypes to a bartender (played by our own Horror Guru) who clearly has the driest glasses this side of the Mississippi. Meanwhile, he reviews a movie, and you’ll never guess which one! (Seriously, you’ll never guess.) And if that’s not enough for you, every reviewer who’s ever asked him for a cameo is called upon to return the favor, including Obscurus Lupa, Joshua the Anarchist, the Cinema Slob, Full of Questions, Some Jerk with a Camera, Mr. Mendo, Sofie Liv, and many, many more!

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  • danbreunig


    Just…..just so beautiful

    Wow, Jerry, what an ambitious project for number 50! The fact you were away for so long proves that you were working on a biggie. This may be the first time I’ve ever seen actual drama in a review here–even if it’s done just for the sake of overriding comedy. Or maybe not so much drama as philosophy. There were so many points you made that are true to life. One I can relate to: There are two kinds: those who love what they do, and those who piss on the first group of people. So would that put video review producers…somewhere between…? That’s what I really love about all you guys–instead of just saying to a camera “I do/don’t like this”, you can all produce what would be straight commentaries into short films and make it a true art in itself. And this review is living proof of that. Plus the stuff’s real funny, too.

    And you’re right about me never hearing about that movie before–I want to seek it out now. More real touch-your-heart drama than any Mexploitation, that’s for sure.

    Lots of lovely cameos, as usual. [In strict 19th. Century schoolmarm form:] “Now all you guest reviewers leave poor Renegado alone or else you’ll taste the business end of Mister Paddle! Guru, go out and cut me a switch!””

    Really though, the more I watched the more I honestly thought that you were really hanging it up–hence the mass cameos and mass production for one last big bang (literally). Thanks for proving me wrong at the end!


    • Thank you, thank you so much. You have no idea how much this comment means to me, I may even frame it ;_;

      And yeah, there was a lot put into this episode, both from heart and actual work, that’s why it took me so long to make it, I am so glad it was worth it.

      BTW. The movie has been uploaded to Vimeo and it’s avialable right now.

      Sadly no english subtitles, sorry about that.

      • danbreunig

        I’m just as touched. “You have no idea how much this comment means to me, I may even frame it ;_;”

        You want to? Go ahead! Right next to the guitar pic (um, sorry…). Really, it’s not often I hear something like that myself. And going by all the feedback here, clearly that work’s all paid off.

        Yeah, I thought there would already be an English version somewhere, but I didn’t know whether those subtitles were theirs or yours.

        So…already have ideas for Number 51?

        • Yup, but I’m taking a short break, writting a Movie Skewer in between.

        • Guest

          Yup, but I’m taking a small break, writting a movie skewer in between.

  • $36060516

    Congratulations on your achievement, Renegado! Always nice to hear some Ennio Morricone, too.

    • Any excuse is a good excuse to hear some Ennio Morricone 😀

  • MichaelANovelli

    My favorite part was when I was in it! ^_^

    • MephLord

      My favorite part was seeing Kitsune2022…I had no idea she was so easy on the eyes

      • Jay_Bay

        I know, right

        • Sofie Liv

          I feel like I should comment on that.

        • You also mean she did a good performance right? Otherwise those two comments sound really creepy guys.

          • MephLord

            white guys being creepy stalkers on the Internet? What an absurd stereotype!!! She was actually really funny, Mendo was his typical self (being awesome), Sofie’s tirade was pretty impressive and overall I was really impressed at the self-demeaning style of the video. You nail the Mexican stereotype very well and also deconstruct it brilliantly. Now I’m off to drink some Corona’s and watch CMLL. Kidding!!! I drink Canadian beer, have to support home-grown industry after all.

          • Sofie Liv

            Well.. I an Jerry are stereo-types of our own country. From the way we look, to the way we sound, to the kind of food we eat. I don’t really know what we can do or if we should even do some-thing about it…

            But I guess at least I don’t make it my stitch to talk about the treatment of Danish things.. so that’s thing one thing.

            Btw Jerry, did I mention how awesome this video is? cause it is, it’s awesome.

          • MephLord

            Most of your review material seems to be British related (Dr Who especially) or American (ugh Twilight and Green Lantern but Wonder Woman is still great), so it’s not like you focus entirely on Danish culture. Having an international knowledge base isn’t a bad thing at all, I think it’s important to watch other cultures usually through their movies, music and video games. Three of the best movies I’ve ever seen are Run Lola Run, Raising the Red Lantern and Deadly Proposal (A Nigerian movie; as amazing as it may seem South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana have pretty good movie and TV industries, although they are still pretty small without much budget).

            I don’t even know what Danish food is outside of Danish pastries. I bet Canadian food isn’t even considered a separate staple, it’s all derived from other regions (like Polish food cooked by Canadians isn’t Canadian it’s still Polish. Same with Chinese). So yeah this mini-rant seems kind of directionless but I can see embracing the stereotype and having fun with it (drinking beer, building igloos and wearing plaid is all fun and all) but understanding when it becomes insulting that’s a tough line to figure out. I think it depends on the individual eh?

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, I just talk about the thing that interests me personally. And that’s really. We don’t have the biggest culture for fantasy in Denmark (mostly due to low budget.. for us it’s BIG deal when 80 thousand people saw a danish movie.. yeah..) so I have to go to other sources to get the things I really like and enjoy.

            How-ever. My speciality when I cook is meat-balls.. and that is not a lie. I’m really good at cooking meat-balls. The most common dane variant is with grinted pork, but I do so like beef meat-balls.

            We eat a lot of pork in genneral, our main farming animal is pork actually, and we exsport a lot of it. (Hehe, bacon.) lots of heavy more rustic food. lots of potatos with brown sauce, lots of fish (mostly trouts and plaices.) since we have so much water. Eels is also a very common Danish thing to eat I don’t believe many other people eat.

            But you know, a countries food is often connected to what grows naturally there. I doubt Jerry eats many potatoes since Mexico doesn’t really have the climate for potatoes.

            My country how-ever does, so I eat lots of potatoes!

            When I was in Vietnam there were no potatoes and almost no bread. Why? because potatoes and oat doesn’t grow in Vietnam! and you need oat for bred.

            The only kind of flour they had were “Rice flour.” (very litterately.) and they used it for every-thing.

            Because again, oat simply doesn’t grow in their climate, same way jalapenoes doesn’t grow in mine, so we could never come up with the salsa sauce! nor the tequila as that would require a cactus.

            We how-ever gave the world. “Brandy.” which is made from potatoes and “Beer.” which os made from oat ^^

          • MephLord

            I’ve never heard of oatmeal stout before now…I’m used to barley lagers and wheat ales (wheat ales are pretty fucking disgusting). We also eat a lot of steaks, potatoes, corn and peas here, although with a large immigrant population it’s not difficult to find ethnic cuisine in either restaurants or supermarkets. The sad thing is, the indigenous population finds it very hard to make their food like bannock and pemmican from commercial sources, so they often still do it the old fashioned way. And their food is DELICIOUS. If you ever have an aboriginal North American give you some bannock and pemmican, say yes!!! And it’s not the same as Scottish bannock but probably related thanks to colonization.

            You’ve never talked about being in Vietnam before? I have seen enough Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal to know that the cuisine there is much different than I’m accustomed to. Will you ever do a video about your experience there? I’d love to know if you ate snakefish or ground beetles 🙂

          • Sofie Liv

            Oh i was in Vietnam for three weeks straight the summer of 2011. started out in North Vietnam and the capital Hanoi, traveled through mid vietnam and was up in the mountains seeing some traditional old villages and then ended in south-viatnem where I saw the border to china, saw a lot of the actual places the “Vietnam war.” happened as well as saw the after-effects up close, museums and the after-effects of “Agent oranges.” including meeting some of the birth deffected people which came out of agent orange.
            Was at a massage house ran by vietnameese whom was born without eyes.. due to agent orange.

            I ended in Zeigung which is probably the most modern city of Vietnam, and the only place that seems sort of western.. but not really.

            When my little-sister turned to me and said. “Sofie.. I have not seen one single McDonalds resturant for three entire weeks!” that was the moment I went. “OMG!”

            But yeah, the food was absolutely amazing, always fresh, if they didn’t have the surplies they just ran out the back to get new ones from the marked. Nothing got sold which hadn’t been harvested, caught or slaughtered that very same day.

            I even tried to go fishing with net in a river and get that same fish served to me like an hour after I had caught it… traveling to Vietnam for a road-trip is highly reccomendable!

            But no I am not going to make a video about that, mostly what I have from there is pictures, a few souviners, three cook books (which I have actually used.) and lots of exsperiences. But erhm.. no. Not going to make a video about that.

          • danbreunig

            Really? So what was in Vietnam? Vacation, school, live performance tour?

            A little bit strange to be in Vietnam already and not even the U.S. Well, I hope you get to check out our country someday, and more than just California and New York (our own Copenhagens).

            And I’m sorry to admit it, Russell, but I haven’t once been to Canada yet myself, even though i lived most my life practically next door (I’m from Wisconsin). The only time I was outside the States was when I went on a three week study tour through my school and I traveled throughout the southern quarter of England, including the whole last week in London. So I’m not sure if I should really say whether I was in Europe when it was only England, or else I’d also be on the Continent and speaking non-English.

            Oh and I haven’t forgot you, Renegado–this is your review, after all. I really meant everything I said up there in my first post.

          • Sofie Liv

            It was vacation with my family, just me, my mom, my dad and my little-sister, just the four of us.

            See the thing was I had been moving a bit in and out at that point, was about to move out again, my little-sister we all knew would move to another city within a year after that, with her boy-friend even. (whom she is still with to this day.)

            And it seemed like it would be the very last oppertunity for all of us to go some-where together, so my mom and dad scraped money together for some-thing extra special.

            My family is not rich by any means, we life quite humble with few fancy things, but we always valued traveling sort of high. So in my childhood I have been on road-trips with my family through Scotland, Bulgarien also just the Danish islands. We’ve done a lot of camping and sleeping in tent that way! spend three weeks road-tripping and sleeping in tents all over Scotland when I was twelve! (cheapest way of traveling, boya.)

            I’ve been to Berlin and Prague, this how-ever was the first time we left Europe and the choice fell on Vietnman, never ever been as far away ever before, usually you could drive to the places we went (had to sail to England, but even that wasn’t even more than a two hours boat-ride.)

            I don’t see how it’s weird that we didn’t pick united states. We wanted some-thing special for the four of us to remember, we all kind of wanted to see a more exotic country for ourselves (all though it was words as China, Japan and India that was often used in our vocabulary.)
            And we ended up with Vietnam, and it was awesome! I can now honestly said that I have tried to ride a Water-buffalo. I got a picture to proof it.

            How-ever, I am terrible at steering water-buffalos.. I sort of toppled my sisters bi-cycle over that day..

          • MephLord

            If you can’t steer a water-buffalo how would you fare handling Appa?

          • Sofie Liv

            Lets just say there is a reason why I don’t have driver license and why my bi-cycle is my best friend.

          • MephLord

            “I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like” I love my car so much, I couldn’t have a job without it and also hate automatic transmissions, would never get one again.

          • My comment thread has evolved into song lyrics xD Awesome.

          • danbreunig

            What a nice pleasant family story. And ma’am, I can (mostly) relate.

            I’m also from fairly simple background, regular average ordinary American, working/farming class (no water buffalo, but plenty of cattle otherwise), not wealthy but not poor either (i.e. stable), and traveling around was a nice luxury. Our annual tradition would be my folks would take off work a few days and they, me and my two big brothers would hit the road for 2-4 days, usually to different parts of the state or just into neighboring states. That’s plenty to keep happy about, and that traveling finally fizzled out into my teens. So “traveling” at most was all within the States, and so far the only ones outside were my Dad (Canada) and me (England).

            I’m hoping for another trip overseas someday, and preferably somewhere on the actual continent (maybe not England again, already did that) and any country where I can finally truly practice my Deutsch. If I’m really lucky, I could get my whole family to come along–you know the world best only when you finally cross an ocean. Jeez, why am I so talky now?

            I still hope that you get to visit the U.S. at least once someday. After all, this is where a lot of Boothers and fans are!

          • Thank you. Thanks Sofie ^^

          • Sofie Liv

            pff, we girls get used to that. those comments were charming and mild.

            Seriously, we either get used to it or leave the enternet… or turn off the comments.

          • Jay_Bay

            pfft……balderdash. Of course I meant her excellent performance. What else could that mean?

            And my nose is unusually large right now…

    • That’s your favorite part of every video xD

  • edharris1178

    Great stuff. Congrats in 50, Jerry.

  • Not bad, Jerry! I like the use of green screen for having multiple characters interact with you (even though some of it would crop out portions like the hat and such, but minimal). Looking forward to seeing what you bring the next 250 reviews to come!

    • Thanks dude! Yeah, cropping became a little difficult with so much footage to edit, sorry a few proportions are off, hopefully it wasn’t too distracting.

  • Definitely one of the best videos I’ve ever taken part in. Well done, Jerry. =)

    • You sir, made a very good bartender!

      • Yes he did! And he has the driest glasses in this side of Mississipi xD

    • Thank you Josh, and thank you for your help, this wouldn’t have been made without you x3

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    Wow. I stopped by the Agony Booth just looking for a fun video to waste a half hour or so. Instead, I get a funny-yet-touching deconstruction of cultural stereotyping, an introduction to what looks like a great movie that I have absolutely never heard of, and possibly the best use of cameos ever on an Agony Booth review. It’s a half hour later, but that time was not wasted at all. I don’t have anything else to add, I just wanted to say “Thank you” for a great video, and good luck with number 51.

    • Guest

      Thank you very much 🙂

    • Thank you, thank you very much 🙂

  • Thomas Stockel

    This was a great 50th anniversary video, Jerry!

    I love your show because of the funny insight into Mexican culture, I don’t get that anywhere else. To me your show is fun and unique and I hope you have the enthusiasm to do another fifty and more.

    On another note, I did not recognize the Horror Guru without his glasses. It was like some weird Clark Kent thing going on there.

  • Thank you, Jerry. Very nice review – just the right balance of comedy to offset the tragedy of the movie.

    The film looks beautiful, frankly. You make me want to watch it, so consider your job well done.

  • El Tunco Maclavio, Senor.

  • Juan Pedro

    Felicidades por tu reseña carnal, espero que no te detengas y saques muchas mas.

  • LindaMinda

    Excellent work, senor 🙂

  • Guest

    Wow, this was great! Very touching stuff!