Football’s fine, but it’s Murder that continues to impress in the ratings

Thursday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. Thursday Night Football is no Sunday Night Football with “only” 15.9 million total viewers, although nothing else on Thursday came close.

2. How to Get Away With Murder is already a clear winner after just four outings, and ABC has just extended its opening season by two more episodes. The show got away with 10.8 million this week.


3. Scandal enticed 9.5 million…

4. …and Grey’s Anatomy stitched up 8.5 million.

5. The football pregame scored 7.3 million.

6. Bones connected with 6.4 million.

7. And Bad Judge ruled over 5.2 million, which is actually passes for respectable among this fall’s sitcom collection.

Also of note: fellow fledging sitcom A to Z did a poor job holding onto its Bad lead-in, with only 3.6 million sticking around. Ouch.

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