Football loses to 60 Minutes in Sunday ratings surprise

Sunday night primetime broadcast ratings!

1. NOT FOOTBALL. Wow. 60 Minutes ticks its way into the top spot with with 17.2 million total viewers.

2. Sunday Night Football wasn’t far behind with 17.0 million… but ask any NFL team and they’ll tell you “close” is polite way of saying “loss.”

3. Madam Secretary scored an impressive 12.80 million, and I had to include that zero on the end because…


4. the NFL Pregame couldn’t have been any closer at 12.79 million.

5. The Good Wife is more than good enough with 9.6 million.

6. Once Upon a Time scored 7.3 million.

7. Resurrection isn’t quite dead yet with 5.0 million.

Also of note: FOX’s Mulaney drew its smallest crowd yet at 1.6 million.

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