Football more than doubles up its closest competitor in the Thursday ratings

Thursday night’s primetime broadcast ratings!

1. All of the football fans wanted to watch Peyton Manning’s Broncos stampede over Philip Rivers’s Chargers on Thursday Night Football, which scored a phenomenal-even-by-football-standards 20.2 million total viewers. That’s nearly twice as many as have been watching the World Series.

2. Scandal scored 9.98 million, scoring the narrowest possible victory against…


3. …How to Get Away with Murder 9.97 million. I think ABC just might be onto something pairing those shows together.

4. With the game being such a big draw, the NFL pregame actually comes next with 8.9 million, edging out…

5. …Grey’s Anatomy with 8.6 million.

6. Nothing else was even in the ballpark. The Biggest Loser weighed in at 4.8 million.

7. And Bad Judge narrowly defeated Bones, 4.39 million to 4.35 million.

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