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If You Are A Fool With Money, Why Not Help This Crowdfunding Site Crowdfund Itself?

If You Are A Fool With Money, Why Not Help This Crowdfunding Site Crowdfund Itself?

Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you now have many crowdfunding options to fling your money at, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. But those are so passe. Why not give some of your hard-earned monies to a crowdfunding site whose first order of business is to crowdfund itself? People, we give you SeedInvest.

SeedInvest already scored a cool $2 million from venture capitalists to get going, because everything in this world is broken, but that is not enough to really effectively start parting fools from their monies, so SeedInvest, which helps you invest in companies for slices of equity instead of keychains or DeviantArt or movies like you get from Kickstarter, needs to raise more from you, the people.

Crowdfunding site SeedInvest today will ask its own community to back it with $3 million, to top off the $2 million it has already raised from venture capitalists for its Series A round. […]

“Given that SeedInvest allows individuals to invest alongside VCs, we decided to eat our own dog food and hold the last millions for our own members,” said co-founder and CEO Ryan Feit.

Is “eat our own dog food” an actual saying? Also, doesn’t it imply that the opportunity to invest in your company is the equivalent of kibble or Grade Z meat? Neither of these things sounds appetizing.

People will probably give them the $3 million, because people are suckers, and then they will have the opportunity to own little pieces of very important companies that will really change the world.

SeedInvest, which previously raised a $1.1 million seed round through conventional means, has helped secure investment for a digital vending machine called Vengo and the Virtuix Omni, a treadmill-like device that pairs with the Oculus Rift.

So please go give money to SeedInvest so it can give money to itself, SeedInvest, so that then SeedInvest can continue to bring you great investment opportunities like a digital vending machine. This is not really the future we dreamed of. Ours involved jetpacks and FAR less recursive tail-eating equity funding, but clearly we suffered from a failure of imagination.


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  • mfp

    also, still waiting for my flying car

  • R E C U R S I O N

  • savethispatient

    “Eat your own dogfood” is definitely a saying in the tech industry at least. Normally it refers to making your employees actually use the products they create. Hence Microsofties using Surfaces and Windows Phones, etc, etc.

    • Pat_Pending

      Yes. Yes, it is, and as is typical of tech marketing it doesn’t make any fucking sense.