FLASH: Three Heroes, Gazillions of Villains

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Previously on The Flash: Harrison Wells was body-snatched by Eobard Thawne, Harribard kidnapped Eddie and is torturing him with the knowledge that he doesn’t marry Iris, Iris knows Barry is Flash, and Harribard is sure he and Barry will be fighting again soon.

Voiceover!Harribard (!) wants us to think about the things that define our lives: people, job, home, the basics. We’re supposed to empathize with his plight, having lost all those things when he was transported to the past, but probably most of us wouldn’t steal another person’s life and go on a murder spree, so. It’s not even voiceover, too; he’s just monologuing at Eddie. Typical villain.

Iris and Barry meet at the coffee shop. She ordered 200 envelope labels with her and Eddie’s names on them, but 2,000 arrived, so now she has tons of labels and no Eddie. Barry assures her they’re going to find Eddie, which Barry acknowledges is true, but they can’t give up.

Who the hell writes letters, anyway?

Who the hell writes letters, anyway?

Cisco calls Caitlin, Joe, and Barry (and why not Iris?) to STARLS because he found something in Harribard’s wheelchair. He was musing about why Harrison would pretend to need a wheelchair, and he ran through the obvious answers: sympathy after the explosion or a misdirect since a paralyzed man couldn’t be Reverse Flash, but then he examined the wheelchair and found something. Harribard had an incredibly powerful future battery embedded in the chair, and Cisco suspects he was using it to charge himself, which is why he was always faster than Barry. What, he had a micro-USB in his ass?

That explains why he was always so relieved to get out of his wheelchair.

That explains why he was always so relieved to get out of his wheelchair.

An alarm goes off, and we’re clearly overlapping with the end of last episode, because it’s alerting Cisco that a piece of the particle accelerator has gone online. Cisco is shocked to discover that it’s been rebuilt in the first place, much less activated, but Barry and Joe have a more immediate concern: if Harribard turned on the accelerator, he’s in the building.

Joe and Barry, with Cisco trailing along with a liquid Reverse Flash detector (liquid always levitates when he’s around), move slowly into the accelerator itself. It’s huge, but they don’t have to look very hard since Reverse Flash speeds out of the ring immediately. Barry takes off in pursuit, and before Cisco and Joe can do anything, one of the metaprison cells is triggered for release. Peek-a-Boo teleports the hell out of her cell as soon as it opens, takes out Joe and Cisco, and peaces out, shooting the door mechanism for the accelerator tube as she goes, trapping them inside. She knocks out Caitlin next and is about to shoot her, but luckily Iris isn’t happy with being left out of Team Flash adventures; she knocks Peek-a-Boo out with a heavy object. GO IRIS AGAIN.

Reverse Flash and Flash speed through the streets, and Barry almost catches him before Harribard picks up and accelerates out of reach.

Team Flash locks Peek-a-Boo back in her cell, and Joe hears someone calling. Caitlin swears the cells are all accounted for, but that’s not what Joe hears: it’s Eddie, of course, and they quickly rescue him. As Joe helps Eddie up into the tube, Iris finds the discarded engagement ring on the floor. She puts it in her pocket, but doesn’t say anything.

Back in the lab, Caitlin has Eddie on fluids and orders him to rest. Barry rushes back, intoning that Harribard was too fast as always. They push Eddie for answers, and he tells them Harribard’s real name and that he was working on a “key.” The team is clueless as to what that means. Eddie wants to go home, so Iris helps him up as another alarm goes off.

Cisco runs off to attend to it, and via video, he shows the team the “key” Harribard plugged in to charge up the accelerator. Cisco doesn’t know how to turn it off and suggests that if he touches something wrong it could blow. Although, given the accelerator is the key to Harribard’s plans, I don’t think he’d risk blowing up the entire building, but that’s just me. Based on how much charging has been done so far, Cisco thinks they have 36 hours.

Caitlin reminds them that they have prisoners in the metaprison still, and if the accelerator turns on, they’ll all die. She doesn’t think they can just let them die, and Joe takes the opportunity to point out that he was never for this secret, no-trial prison anyway. Apparently the plan was to rehab the metas, but Caitlin winces that they’ve been a little busy. Barry thinks they need to move the prisoners, and although Iron Heights is hardly equipped for metas (it can’t even hold the Trickster, or Arsenal), Oliver Queen’s remote island sure can. “Great,” says Joe, “so we ship them from one illegal black site to another.” The team agrees they don’t have a choice.

Chances of rehabilitation are even less good here than they were in the metaprison.

Chances of rehabilitation are even less good here than they were in the metaprison.

Joe has summoned the DA, Cecile, to CCPD, and he asks as a total hypothetical, of course, what they would do about a secret metaprison. She is concerned, to say the least, but he goes ahead and asks if she can help clear a path through the city for transport. She says she can’t be involved, so no CCPD escort.

Barry couldn’t get in touch with Oliver (because he’s League-ing it up in Nanda Parbat), but he did talk to Lyla and secured an ARGUS transport. But the police won’t help, and Joe is definitely having a sudden crisis of conscience over all the illegal imprisonment and rule-breaking they’ve done in the name of justice the past year.

So Barry looks elsewhere for help. Captain Cold is a little surprised to see him, but he takes Barry’s bait. He tells Leonard the problem, but of course Leonard isn’t particularly interested in making Barry’s enemies his enemies. Barry suggests that Leonard’s love for Central City is kinda pointless if he’s not willing to protect it from people who would destroy the city and kill everyone in it (which is a little harsh for some of the metaprisoners, who were pretty pointed in their murders), and Leonard considers that. He does need something in return, though, which he writes on a napkin. Barry insists it’s impossible and begs for an alternative. Leonard decides he needs to think about it.

Eddie’s back to work, and Iris is confused that he’s going back already, given he was kidnapped for two weeks (really, two weeks and he had a little dehydration? Given Harribard’s quip about humans being able to go two months without food, I don’t feel like he ate for two weeks.). But Eddie claims he needed something stable. She thought that was them and reveals the ring she found on the floor of Harribard’s lair. Iris wants to know what happened that now Eddie doesn’t want to propose, and Eddie reveals what Harribard told him: that in the future, she and Barry are married.

At STARLS, Joe is angry that Barry talked to Cold, but he says they’ve exhausted their resources: the CCPD can’t help, Oliver is indisposed, and he wasn’t able to reach Firestorm. So Cold is their best option for containment. And, Leonard says, as he strolls on into STARLS (they really have zero security, don’t they?), he’s figured out what he can have in return: he wants his entire personal record destroyed. Joe thinks that’s crazy, but Barry agrees, which means he and Joe need to talk in private. Joe doesn’t understand why Barry is willing to erase the entire identity of Leonard Snart, but Barry is fed up with Harrisbard’s maneuvering. He made the metas, and he doesn’t care if their prisoners live or die; but Barry does, and he’s not going to let them be collateral.

Paul Blart, STAR Labs cop.

Paul Blart, STAR Labs cop.

Joe doesn’t have much of an argument for that, so the deal is on. Barry speeds through CCPD, erasing Leonard’s record, stealing all evidence related to him, and wiping him from the internet. Leonard seems happy, and as Barry watches, Lisa, sister of Leonard, arrives, shooting all the evidence with her gold gun, which…um, just coated it in gold, I don’t think it destroyed anything, but good effort.

Team Flash and Team Rogues stand off in STARLS and clearly they don’t trust each other, but hey, Leonard didn’t tell his sister Flash’s secret identity. And Cisco has figured out how to get the metas to the ARGUS plane at Ferris Airfield. Cisco has retrofitted an eighteen-wheeler to dampen the metas’ powers, and luckily Lisa has a class A CDL, so she can drive the truck.

And so the plan begins. First, the team knocks out the metas with gas and loads them into the truck. The dampeners activate, and then Barry takes off, clearing the way through the streets with Leonard and Joe escorting. But inside the truck, not all is well as the prisoners wake up powerless and start bickering. Mostly it’s Weather Wizard insulting Mist, but nobody breaks out. Yet.

The truck arrives at the airfield, and before Mist and Wizard can get into an actual fistfight in the back of the truck, it comes to a stop, so all the prisoners are distracted by what will happen to them next. The ARGUS plane hasn’t arrived yet, though, so everybody just stand around nervously. Well, most of them. In the truck cab, Lisa is pressuring Cicso to officially dub her Golden Glider, which he does.

As the plane comes into sight, though, the power dampeners in the truck start to fail, and by the way Lisa smirks, she might have something to do with it. Meanwhile, Weather Wizard strikes the plane with lightning, and it crashes nearby. How did he have any idea what was going on, where they were, or that a plane was coming? Anyway, everyone emerges, and the battle begins. And just in case you’ve forgotten who’s in there: it’s Kyle Nimbus, the Mist; Roy G. Bivolo, Rainbow Raider; Shawna Baez, Peek-a-Boo; Mark Marden, Weather Wizard; and Jake Simmons, Death Bolt. Let the battle(s) begin!

Joe vs. Death Bolt: neither of them can shoot the other. Repeatedly. Winner: NOBODY, THEY’RE BOTH TERRIBLE

Points for style?

Points for style?

Flash vs. Mist: Barry uses his wind turbine arms to vacuum up the mist. It works, and Mist re-congeals into Kyle, who runs. Winner: FLASH

He can be taught!

He can be taught!

Caitlin/Cisco vs. Rainbow Raider: Roy mind-whammies Caitlin, who attacks Cisco, yelling about Ronnie. Winner: RAINBOW RAIDER



Flash vs. Death Bolt: Jake’s aim is still terrible. Winner: FLASH

Flash vs. Weather Wizard: Mark’s aim is less terrible, and Barry goes down. Winner: WEATHER WIZARD

Still not faster than light.

Still not faster than light.

Captain Cold vs. Death Bolt: Yeah, Cold straight-up freezes his death bolts right back into his eyes, and he is super dead. Winner: CAPTAIN COLD

That...didn't end well.

That…didn’t end well.

Golden Glider vs. Rainbow Raider: She’s got a gun to his head before he can mind whammy anybody else. Winner: GOLDEN GLIDER

Recap: Death Bolt is dead, and the rest escaped because, surprise! Cold sabotaged the truck because he thinks the escaped prisoners will do more good as his Rogues than anywhere else. He taunts Barry for trusting him in the first place, which is fair, and he and Lisa take off on his motorcycle.

At STARLS, Barry is super mopey about what happened. Turns out he was trying to emulate the Arrow’s ability to make shit happen the way he wants it to (has he heard the news? Nobody tell him). Joe pep-talks him, of course, telling him that what’s important about Flash as a hero is that he cared if the criminals lived or died. But after all that, they have four escaped criminals and the accelerator is charged and online.

At CCPD, Iris is waiting for Eddie. She’s pissed that Eddie actually believes the crazy future-man’s psycho rambling, because she chooses her own destiny. Eddie isn’t swayed, though, because he knows Iris has feelings for Barry too, and he doesn’t want that to always be between them. Oh my god, you guys, it’s possible to love more than one person at a time. Anyway, they officially break up.

I'm just saying, it's an option.

I’m just saying, it’s an option.

At STARLS, the team watches Harribard walk into the…parking lot, I guess? I dunno. Against the advice of the team, Barry speeds out to confront him. Harribard insists that that he had to do everything he did, and if Barry will just come inside, he’ll show him what the particle accelerator is for. Barry says he kinda just learned not to trust the villain, but Harribard points out that Barry can’t beat him. But Barry isn’t alone: Firestorm flies down, taking his place at Barry’s side, and so is Arrow, though he’s dressed in Al Sah-Him black, not Arrow green. Barry doesn’t think Harribard can fight them all, but Harribard remains confident: “Trust me,” he says, speed force ring glowing, “this is going to be fun.”

"By your powers combined..."

“By your powers combined…”

Barry and Harribard chase each other in circles, but Reverse Flash finally gets the upper hand and throws Barry into the STAR Labs sign, giving Arrow and Firestorm openings; Oliver’s arrow gets him in the leg, and while Firestorm’s explosion drives Reverse Flash back a step, he uses his arm vortex thing to throw Ronnie/Martin away. Flash rushes to catch Firestorm while Harribard pulls out the arrow…which has been tipped with Ray Palmer’s nanites, rendering his speed useless. He decides to take on Oliver at normal speeds, and they fight.

Barry quickly speeds back to the fight, where Oliver has taken Harribard down, but he manages to summon the energy to vibrate the nanites out of his system and regain his speed. He starts to hand-stab Oliver, but Flash returns in time to knock him away. Reverse Flash is undaunted, telling Barry he’ll never be able to stop him, but when he runs up the building, Flash follows, basically luring him to a corner of the roof where Firestorm can run him the fuck down. Super speed can’t stop you falling off a building, turns out, and Harribard crashes into a car, stunned. Before he can get back up, he takes another special arrow to the back courtesy of Oliver, and this time he goes down for good. Firestorm and Arrow take off, because I guess they have other shit to do.

“I got you,” says Barry to Harribard.

Welp, I'm sure that's the final battle between them! Also? Oliver got him.

Welp, I’m sure that’s the final battle between them! Also? Oliver got him.

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