Finally, Ice Cube Gets His ‘Good Day’ Due With His Name On The Goodyear Blimp

Before he became an improbable comedy star, Ice Cube made excellent records like The Predator,which featured “It Was A Good Day,” a day which was famously sorted out as January 20, 1992. The only not-true part of the song was that there was no Goodyear Blimp declaring that Ice Cube was a pimp. That’s been (sorta) rectified.

And this being the 22nd anniversary of that good day, it was time to rectify that omission. It was also time to raise some money for charity – – via the crowdfunding site Crowdtilt, three “hip-hop loving friends” calling themselves “Team Good Day Blimp” vowed to raise $25,000 for A Place Called Home if Goodyear would get its blimp involved. Once Ice Cube said yes to the plan, and Jimmy Fallon gave it a plug, it was only a matter of (very little) time before Goodyear said yes.

So today Goodyear flew its blimp over South Central L.A. Kids from A Place Called Home, which works with at-risk youth, even got to ride in the thing.

Sadly, Goodyear didn’t feel like saying Ice Cube was a pimp was the ideal PR move, so they went with “It’s a good day,” which we can’t really fault them for. All-around awesome move by everyone involved in this, start to finish.

[LA Weekly]

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  • msanthropesmr

    This post had *nothing* to do with Chris Christie. I am a little disappointed.

  • BMW

    Any word on if Kim really can fuck all night?

  • First mix tape the husband made for me had The Predator on it – we may be old.