RAW FEED: Final Fantasy VII Sucks?

Does one of the greatest games of all time still hold up today? Music by CreatedByBrett. http://twitter.com/ilneigewwh2w http://facebook.com/whatwehadtowatch

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    What about Ocarina of Time?

  • Muthsarah

    OK, I’m gonna have to stop….the video for a second. The graphics WERE pretty good for 1997. Blocky, yes, and a different kind of “good” than FFVI (which were simpler in perspective, but richly, fabulously detailed), but still pretty good. There’s a reason VII became the big FF game to end…well, to kill the franchise for good, in retrospect. Because casual and first-time RPGers showed up way more than they did for the SNES outings, and the series kept on catering to their shallow and mathematically inferior tastes. And they did so largely because of the graphics. Which were pretty good for the time. As I said above.

    Also, three of the characters had stupid capes: Sephiroth, Cait Sith, and Vincent.

    Materia did not allow you to customize your characters any more than did VI’s Magicite. In fact, Magicite let you do more, due to the level up bonuses you get, meaning you can give some characters massive Magic abilities or tons of HP by making sure they always have Magic+2 or HP+50% Espers equipped when they level. Also, each character still had to learn the magic on their own, they didn’t just automatically know it once you shoved that crystal-thing, wherever it goes…. Materia powered up on its own and was 100% transferable, meaning you could transfer it from Aerith to Red, and Red would automatically gain all the spells Aerith just used, like, ten seconds ago, even though you haven’t used Red once since you picked him up, because you only used Aerith and Tifa because they made by far the most interesting party and the game really kinda ground to a halt when both of them (plus Cloud) were taken away and its not like the game wasn’t already getting pretty weird by that point anyway but at least Red isn’t as dumb as Yuffie.

    IV and VI do hold up better, yes, since they have the basic gaming fundamentals down better: they’re faster-paced, less dependent on “3D graphics” to sell, and overall, less goofy. VII is still a very interesting game, but, I guess you had to be there. It was a big deal at the time. It was big, colorful, bizarre, and POPULAR, of all things – the first time an RPG had mainstream appeal. It was exciting. At least when I was growing up with it.

    But as a game, no, it doesn’t stand up to IV, VI, Earthbound, or even (the overrated but good) Chrono Trigger. It’s slow, as you say, it’s…stupid, as you at least imply. But, hey, it’s an experience. It’s…certainly unique, especially the zany antics at Don Corneo’s. Eeesh.

    Your first game was X? YOUR FIRST GAME…was…TEN?! Yeah, sorry Neige. But you did not grow up with this one, and thus do not have the proper perspective to understand it. Gaming moves quickly, and FFVII was outdated very soon after it debuted. X was in another time, another platform/generation thingee. If you weren’t there, you’re just at a loss. No offense. Though “What We Had to WATCH” is a very apt title for reviewing a later FF game, since you’d be spending half the time watching a terrible anime from people who clearly wish they were making one of those instead.

    P.S. Majora’s Mask > Ocarina of Time