VIDEO: Final Destination 5 (2011)

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It’s the final installment of The Final Celebration, where Joey discusses why Final Destination 5 redeems the series after the tedious The Final Destination. This includes watching Champ from the Ron Burgundy movie melting in molten tar!

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  • Alexa

    While I have only seen the first movie, and thought it okay but creative, I will say that this movie does seemingly give a good breath of life into the franchise, even though it was never a franchise I was all that into. But still its an interesting and somewhat smart way to go if you want to keep people engaged. 
    And its pretty smart for the movie to establish that some people are suppose to be jerks, and then kill them. As opposed to Eli Roth logic and make everyone a jerk, yet we are suppose to like them and be sad when they die. Which is damn near impossible, I might add.

  • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

    Joey tell us that Superstorm Sandy didn’t take you down that you’re OK.  I didn’t realize how bad it was but sheesh, the east coast is taking a huge beating.

    • Tedzey71

      It is! Philadelphia seemed to get it easy, which is where I am getting my work done. Back home in Jersey, we’re probably going to be out of power or water until tuesday. Thanks for your concern,@8acf68bf685748aefb37da6ae5af68f1:disqus !

  • Thomas Stockel

    Two more films?!  Jesus…

    This was a great series, Joey.  I have to admit tying the fifth film to the first that way was a pretty damn clever twist on the part of the producers/director.  It is too bad they did not decide to end things there.

    • Tedzey71

      It seems like an appropriate ending. I haven’t heard any news on the latest films, however they generally take three years for each film to be released so I guess it’s too early to get an update on production. 

  • edharris1178

    I had a blast watching this in the theater.  It’s not a great movie (apart from the great twist at the end) but it’s definitely entertaining as hell.

    • Joseph Tedesco

      I absolutely agree with you there! :)