The Film Crew: The Giant of Marathon (2007)

SUMMARY: The former crew of the Satellite of Love make a triumphant return to the world of riffing! Three guys you might know from Mystery Science Theater 3000 are at it again, cracking rapid-fire jokes at the expense of cheesy B-movies, this time on never-before-seen, full-length DVDs. Nope, it’s not RiffTrax—it’s the Film Crew!

The Film Crew: The Giant of Marathon (1959)

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For those who somehow haven’t heard, three cast members from Mystery Science Theater 3000 have reunited to bring the joy of riffing on bad movies to the world. They are: Kevin Murphy (better known as the voice of Tom Servo), Bill Corbett (better known as the voice of Crow T. Robot), and Mike Nelson (better known as the voice of Mike Nelson). Together they are: The Film Crew.

The Film Crew originally joined forces to host colorized Three Stooges shorts; Since then, they’ve made sporadic appearances on cable (American Movie Classics, Encore, Starz) hosting a variety of cult classics. This year, the Film Crew finally brought their act to DVD, but this time, they aren’t just hosting the movies—they’re giving them the full-on MST3k-style riffing treatment.

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