Fashion Houses Now Actually Designing Zoolander’s ‘Derelicte’

Depending on your perspective, it is a terrible or awesome time to be poor in ‘Merica. Sure, there’s the whole no food to eat benefits cut no place to sleep thing, but look on the plus side: poverty is so chic right now! Poors, you are trendmakers!

First, we had the $2000 homeless tour in Seattle, which promises you a homeless makeover, including a homeless nickname, a stay in a homeless shelter, so you can steal resources from actual homeless people, and panhandling if you’re feeling it. Begging for money to survive is so hot right now.

More important than how hot your dwelling places are is how incredibly hot your look is right now, poors. The way you carry all your belongings around in those handsome yet semi-durable plastic bags? Love it. Love. It. Love it so much that someone has made a version of it that is probably at a price point that would feed you for a year:

Fashion Houses Now Actually Designing Zoolander's 'Derelicte'

Doesn’t that look good? You’re so ahead of your time! So inspiring. We’ve also taken your simple peasant wear and reproduced it with really expensive fabrics.

Mr. Valli, who included a cardboard dress (actually printed silk) that came with a rope belt (but really made of bronze). The look, he said, was inspired by the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini, which took a certain delight, as does Mr. Valli, in tormenting the bourgeoisie.

Aren’t you glad that your lack of resources is being used to gently tweak the noses of the rich? You’re doing the fashion world a service by being so hot and relevant. Keep it real, poor people!

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  • edith prickly

    In the immortal words of Hansel, ” I guess you can dere-lick my balls, cap-E-tan.”