Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name “agony booth” come from?

It’s from an episode of the original Star Trek called “Mirror, Mirror”. That’s the one where Kirk and the crew cross over to a parallel Enterprise where Spock has a beard, and everyone carries knives. When officers break the rules, they’re forced to spend time in the “agony booth”, a small chamber that induces horrific pain.

This site’s original focus was on recapping the worst movies ever made, so a reference to a device that causes intense pain seemed like a natural fit. In the years since the site was founded, we’ve expanded into writing about a variety of topics, including movies and TV shows that are so-bad-they’re-good, or just plain good. Alas, we’re pretty much stuck with the name.

(In the Star Trek episode, an “agonizer”, a smaller, portable version of the agony booth, is used for lesser offenses. The Agonizer section of this site features articles that don’t fit anywhere else.)

More information on “agony booths” can be found at Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki.

I really want to write for your site. Do you take reader submissions?

Yes! See this post for more details.

FAQ last updated: January 2, 2015