Fantasy Mission Force (1984) (part 3 of 7)

So now Jackie has to take on this much bigger guy (who, by the way, is wearing Pumaman’s belt), and Jackie is soon getting worked over. Jackie gets in one good lick where he bites the guy on his belly (you don’t want to know), but eventually Jackie is getting twisted up like a pretzel. While he’s on the ropes (figuratively speaking; they couldn’t afford actual ropes for this ring), Jackie’s female partner comes up and calls him “Sammy” and reminds him of all the money that’s at stake.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Ahhh! I knew I shouldn’t have gone in for the cheap liposuction!”

Newly inspired, Jackie grabs a gong from somewhere and begins pounding his opponent with it. He knocks the Real Killer out, and then even does a running cartwheel where he lands with both feet on the guy’s stomach. A victorious Jackie and his female companion run to grab their trophy and cash.

Caption contributed by Albert

“Hey, this isn’t a Godzilla movie!”

Unfortunately, their festivities end when several military guys in white MP helmets [?] march in, led by a guy in a Sherlock Holmes cap. Sherlock Holmes arrests the two, saying they’ll go to jail for fifteen years. But Jackie hands over a briefcase full of cash, and Sherlock Holmes says they’ll only go to jail for ten years. “Comically”, every time Jackie hands over a briefcase, Sherlock Holmes reduces the number of years they’ll be getting, until finally, they’re both free to go.

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Multi-Part Article: Fantasy Mission Force (1984)

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