Fantastic Four (2015), a recap (part 5 of 7)

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Previously: Four morons went to an alternate dimension but only three came back. The survivors found themselves changed in various disturbing ways, and immediately got recruited by the government to become freakish super-warriors.

We go from the “1 Year Later” caption to a shot of the Pentagon, while we hear Harvey Allen’s voice talking about Ben Grimm’s impressive performance on the battlefield. Cut to footage of Ben in action, which is being shown to a room full of military bigwigs who are all very sternly and seriously watching footage of a giant rock monster tearing apart a tank.

It’s the military action playset you won’t be buying your kid for Christmas!

So Ben is helping out the military now. Should I ask which conflict he’s fighting in, exactly? Or did they just drop him off in Pyongyang and let him go to town on the North Korean army?

Cut to Harvey, who’s chewing gum to make it even more obvious what a certified A-hole he’s supposed to be, as he tells the gathered brass that this is “only the beginning”. He talks about the “other survivors of the Baxter Incident”, and there’s footage of Johnny Storm being given a containment suit that allows him to control his flame powers, and he shoots fireballs at targets, and I must say, this movie looks a lot more exciting than the one we’re currently watching.

The execs at Fox react to the initial cut of the film.

Then there’s footage of Sue, and we learn that in addition to making herself invisible, she also has the power to create force fields, as well as the ability to make other objects invisible, which she demonstrates on a shipping container.

With invisible shipping containers, they could rule the world!

Harvey explains that all their powers come from another dimension, specifically from a world they’re calling “Planet Zero”. He announces they’re in the process of building “Quantum Gate 2”, another teleportation machine that will allow them to return to Planet Zero to presumably make more super-soldiers. He says with this kind of power at their disposal, they’ll have total control over both worlds.

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Multi-Part Article: Fantastic Four (2015): a recap

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