VIDEO: Fando and Lis (1968)

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BONUS! Renegado’s original review of this movie:

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Renegado dives into the madness of the world of Alejandro Jodorowski, director of the first ever “midnight movie” El Topo, with two reviews of Jodorowski’s first film, Fando and Lis (original title: Fando y Lis). Loosely based on a play by Fernando Arrabal, the movie follows the two title characters on a journey through an apocalyptic wasteland as they descend into madness. Features a cameo from Oancitizen, host of Brows Held High!

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  • Torgeaux

    There is not enough blotter acid in the world to excuse the making of this movie, much less watch it.  I stayed with it to the end though.  Thanks for the heads up.  I will never again watch a Jodorowski film.  I had some curiosity about seeing his “The Holy Mountain” but not anymore.  Not my thing.  It’s just pure nightmare fuel.

    • If you’re worried about nightmare fuel, I’d be lying if I tell you there’s less in his bigger movies XD. This is just a little taste compared to El Topo of Holy Mountain, I’d say you should at least try Santa Sangre, it’s his most “mainstream” film.

  • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

    This movie looks pretty stupid, is it as stupid as your review portrays it to be?

    • Well, on the surface, yes, it’s a pretty stupid and lost movie, it’s kinda like looking at a picture, it’s just a picture, but if you pay attention there are various other details.

      Still doesn’t mean the movie isn’t stupidly insane, coz it really is, not Jodorowski’s best by any chance.

  • … This… this… this is like the Mexican version of Happy Days. Not the TV show, that surrealist play by the same guy who wrote Waiting For Godot.

    I STILL am not sure how you’d even begin to understand this film without five years’ worth of interpreting surrealist literature and film. Even then I think you’d need some help from an expert.