Family Ties “Karen II, Alex 0” (part 3 of 3)

Despite Karen’s strong protests, Alex insists on introducing her to the dean. On an unrelated note, paint-by-numbers kits are fun, aren’t they?

The dean, unsurprisingly, is about to lose his job.

But the actor sure isn’t. Robert Pine is one of the hardest working character actors in history. He’s been on every TV show ever made. Type Convoy, ALF, and The Office into IMDb and see how many actors it returns. Then type in Mannix, Life Goes On, and Star Trek: Voyager and watch your computer start to smoke before going, “Oh, it’s still Robert Pine.” Then just type in any three television shows. The answer will always be Robert Pine. Also, his son is Captain Kirk.

Alex introduces Karen to Dean McCall, but he already knows her. Surprised?

The dean wants to talk to Karen privately. She tries to lead Alex away from him.

The outright nuttiness begins when the dean won’t let her go. He follows her. The he raises his voice as he insists, “We have some things to talk about!” Nice work, dean. You’ve got everybody’s attention.

Karen, at the same decibel level, reminds the dean that the last words he spoke to her three months ago were, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” And you should also remember that for later. Just trust me.

Caption contributed by Jordon

”Excuse me, Ms. Davis, I’m sorry to bother you, but my daughter’s selling Girl Scout cookies…”

Karen tries to storm off… again. But the dean asks to talk to her somewhere else. Dude, if you don’t want to talk in front of everybody, stop talking in front of everybody. You’re like Heidi Montag at a party that isn’t for Heidi Montag.

Caption contributed by Jordon

”It would be so great if you could buy a couple boxes…”

Karen tries to leave… again. This time, the dean basically yells, “Karen!” while he runs over and grabs her arm. By the way, Robert Pine is an inch shorter than Geena Davis. How could that happen? The producers could have hired anybody they wanted. They could have bought a very tall suit, and kept firing actors until they found the one it fit.

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