Family Ties “Help Wanted” (part 2 of 2)

Next, we find Karen with Jennifer and Mallory, carrying laundry baskets full of clothes. Karen is feeling proud because this is “the first load of laundry I’ve ever done!” Though it’s hard not to notice she’s the only one not actually carrying anything, and perhaps didn’t really do this particular load, either.

Also, Karen’s total unfamiliarity with cooking, laundry, or anything else normal people do is never explained. You kind of think maybe there’s some backstory here, like maybe she comes from an Amish enclave, or she’s a billionaire’s daughter who never had to do a single chore in her life, but nope. It’s never explained. She’s just mentally retarded.

Jennifer has no trouble believing Karen never did laundry before, and holds up a tiny pair of pants as proof. Apparently, these were once Dad’s pants, but Jennifer jokes, “We’ll just give ‘em to Alex!”

Caption contributed by Albert

“And when our little brother magically ages six years overnight, he can wear these!”

Alex shows up, and Karen wants him to help bring the kitchen table inside. She says she took the wobbly table outside to “even up the legs a little bit”. So… let me see if I have this straight. She can’t cook or clean, but she dabbles in woodworking? I guess Max wasn’t the only candidate for this position who knew his way around a drill press.

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Multi-Part Article: Family Ties "Help Wanted"
TV Show: Family Ties

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