Family Ties “Help Wanted” (part 1 of 2)

It’s like I always say: There’s no better way to follow up a recap of an episode of Family Ties that guest stars a future Oscar winner than with another recap of an episode of Family Ties that guest stars a future Oscar winner.

Geena Davis first appeared on the show back in 1984 (which is actually the same year as Tom Hanks’ final appearance on the show) in the season 3 episode “Help Wanted”. On the strength of this episode and one more appearance, NBC gave Geena her own sitcom, the short-lived Sara. After that, she gained notice for a small role in Fletch, then went on to score leading roles in The Fly, then Beetlejuice, then The Accidental Tourist, then Thelma and Louise, and the rest is history.

Unlike the Hanks appearance, “Help Wanted” cannot be classified as a “very special episode” in any sense of the term, because it deals with absolutely no touchy subjects. In fact, this is one of those rare Family Ties episodes that’s genuinely funny, thanks mostly to Geena Davis’ warm and lovable screen presence.

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Multi-Part Article: Family Ties "Help Wanted"
TV Show: Family Ties

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