Family Ties “A, My Name is Alex” (part 4 of 5)

Then it’s back to Mrs. Leahy, who wants Alex to tell the class of invisible kids what Columbus was “really trying to do” when he discovered America. Um… Two lines of blow?

Mrs. Leahy is played by Meg Wyllie, who had guest roles on pretty much every American TV series produced between the years of 1960 and 1995, but obsessed Star Trek nerds will probably know her best as the Talosian Keeper in the original TOS pilot “The Cage”.

Alex complains to the shrink about how Mrs. Leahy always did this to him. She always called on him, singled him out, set him apart from the other kids, and made them all “jealous”. Mrs. Leahy says this is the “price you have to pay” for being “special”, and tells the empty classroom they should all be more like Alex.

Alex loses it. “I was seven years old! You don’t put that kind of pressure on a kid that age!!” Jesus, Alex. She was just asking you about Columbus, not making you pretend to be trapped in a hot air balloon, or sail around the world or something.

So Alex regresses once again, which really just involves him nervously putting his hands behind his back, as he explains to the class how Columbus was just trying to find a shortcut to the Indies. He was looking for spices, Li’l Alex explains, and instead he found the New World, and “it was just an accident.”

Family Ties "A, My Name is Alex" (part 4 of 5)

Then he freaks out and walks to the middle of the set. “It was an accident!” So I guess that’s another trigger phrase that’ll put him back on the Greg thing. All of this stuff just flows so naturally, doesn’t it?

He’s convinced that he should have been in the car with Greg. If he had, “Maybe he would have gone more slowly.” Or maybe, Alex says, he would have seen the other car. In conclusion, “It was an accident.” Indeed it was. I think we’re making tons of progress here.

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Multi-Part Article: Family Ties "A, My Name is Alex"

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