VIDEO: Fake Geek Girl Club: Chris Pratt, Sierra, and Warrior Zelda

In this video, Nycea discusses everything from Geek Social Fallacies to French braiding. This episode’s artist spotlight is: Eran Folwer.

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  • Maxine of Arc

    A bunch of the old Sierra developers, like Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight) and Lori and Corey Cole (Quest for Glory), have gone to Kickstarter in recent years to finance new projects, so whatever the “new Sierra” is, I doubt it’s going to include the classic writers and developers. I don’t know how much of a market there is for non-indie adventure games anymore. So I’ll be interested to see where that goes.

    On superficial notes: it’s “segue,” not “segway,” and I still like your hair.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      I was also believing, that it was called “segway” – but then I’m German and thought it might’ve something to do with going from one topic to another….

      • Maxine of Arc

        That’s why the Segway vehicle is called that, but it’s a phonetic spelling of the word segue. English is weird.

    • Magdalen

      Hehe I know but segwaya are funny. XD

      • Maxine of Arc

        No argument with that! :D

        • Magdalen

          Oh shit… you know what would be great? Just a transition screen that’s just a segway rolling by.

          • JD

            with a chimpanzee riding it. I know for a fact that exists :(