VIDEO: Fake Geek Girl Club: Cosplayers and the Comment C**kblockers

Nycea talks cosplayers and how to deal with awful comments on the internet.

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  • Where is the link to the Bulk and Skull background music?

  • Jay_Bay

    I don’t know if this was mention or not. If it was, then my bad. But is there a set time and/or day the FG2C meets up/comes out, or is it on the whim of the president (that means you….get it)?

    • Magdalen

      I haven’t got it set yet. Mainly because I’m in cahoots with a few people, an animator and composer for some music. Once Nycea Summaries is complete and I have all the pieces together I can work on doing a dedicated scheduled show. You’re all part of F2GC 1.0!

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    The show has a great concept – although I’d prefer it, if the show would be a bit longer. Around 10 minutes or so, so a bit of “in depth discussions” could take place. But that’s just me. Looking forward for episode 3.

    • Magdalen

      Thanks for the feedback!