Factory Girl (2006) (part 6 of 10)

Later, Edie is at her apartment with Mena Suvari. Edie holds up a bright pink and yellow sweater, and Mena says, “I think you look beautiful!” I think it makes her look like a stick of Laffy Taffy, but I guess that’s why I’m not in the movie.

Edie puts down the sweater, revealing that she’s wearing a leopard print bra and matching panties, which are hideous enough to put even the most hardened fetishist off the things for at least a week. She says, “Have you ever analyzed things to the degree where you can’t really remember the difference between what’s real and what you’ve created in your head?” Uh-oh. I think Edie injured herself thinking again.

Caption contributed by Zac

“Mrs. Sedgwick, you’re trying to seduce me!”

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Zac Smith

I was born in 1987 to a criminal psychologist and an Australian immigrant. In 2008 I published my first recap for the Agony Booth. I believe that about sums it up.

Multi-Part Article: Factory Girl (2006)

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