Factory Girl (2006) (part 10 of 10)

Cut back to Rehab Edie in the office. Oh, I’m sorry. I guess that shot of her walking down the corridor was a false alarm, or something. She says, “And I have a small show. Did I tell you that? I mean, it’s nothing major. It’s just in a frame shop, but it’s something.” Go on, Edie. Tell me about the upholstery of your living room furniture.

Now Edie’s walking down the corridor again. Oh, I get it. They’re intercutting the two scenes. I must say, it doesn’t quite evoke memories of The Godfather.

Caption contributed by Zac

No, that’s okay, Edie. Just keep going.

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Zac Smith

I was born in 1987 to a criminal psychologist and an Australian immigrant. In 2008 I published my first recap for the Agony Booth. I believe that about sums it up.

Multi-Part Article: Factory Girl (2006)

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  • I missed this one somehow when it was originally posted. Great recap and I appreciate the bits and pieces of historical knowledge thrown in. Also, grats on the Lou Reed quote, that summed it up very nicely.

  • Ell So Swell

    I was wondering if the interview with Warhol on Novemeber 17th 1971 actually happened? I would love to see footage of Andy talking about Edies death, I wonder if he would take the blame just a little bit?

  • Gretch

    I loved this film because after researching what I could about andy/edie I could see it on a more intimate level. But don’t get me wrong at first I sort of hated it. I know I’ll never know them personally but in my opinion this film does a very good job at showing what it would’ve been like to know them; to be in the factory up close and personal. I think they were both beautiful, interesting, different people. I mean come on, they made history, and you or I aren’t going to. It doesn’t make them better or any more special but I know I learned a lot from both of them about the world.

    oh and hayden is bob dylan!!!!!!