RAW FEED: F.A.T.A.L. RPG Character Creation Part 5: Skills

It finally happens. The game has broken me, but it has not defeated me. We complete our character by calculating all of her skills.

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  • GreenLuthor

    It’s perhaps worth mentioning that there are actually two version of FATAL out there (that I know of). The first has a copyright date of 2003, which is the one you’re reviewing. The other has a copyright of 2004, and has a few changes, but not enough to make the game any less of the stain on the underwear of humanity it already is.

    First off, they changed the meaning of FATAL. Now it stands for “From Another Time, Another Land”. Which may be just about the dullest title I’ve ever seen for a game, but I suppose it’s less offensive than that “Adult Lechery” nonsense.

    Some of the typos and other editing errors were fixed; the profession tables now actually have the die rolls included, for example. But that’s something that should have been spotted before they ever allowed the first version out into the wild, so no credit for that.

    They also removed some of the most offensive magic items (which I’m positive you’ll have words about next time, so I won’t mention them here). But the mere fact that they ever existed in the game at all is terrible enough, and deserves mention even when talking about the later version, because they truly show what kind of person Byron Hall likely is. (Especially since he put them in to be humorous.) The vast majority of offensive material is still there, though.

    But the one change that probably shows just how out of touch Hall is with what people would actually want to play is the changes to rolling the attributes. Remember that (4d100)/2 – 1 nonsense? Well, that’s gone. Now? It’s (10d100)/5 – 1. That’s right, MORE die rolls! Over twice as many! Yay! Because that’s the one thing this crap system needed. (The end result is that the attributes still remain a 1 – 199 system, but you’re more likely to end up closer to the 100 average. Because why wouldn’t you want to play a game that tries to make every character as average as possible in every respect? That’s why people play RPGs, right? To be wholly unspecial?)

    There’s more I could add, of course, but this is probably in danger of turning into a full Agony Booth write-up as it is, plus I don’t want to cover things I’m sure are coming up next time. Looking forward to it, because there can’t be enough negative reviews of FATAL out there.

    Oh, I also came across this, which may well be the best, more accurate description of FATAL ever: http://1d4chan.org/images/6/6b/Fatalexplained.jpg

    • madmanoreo

      Wait “From Another Time, Another Land”, isn’t that paraphrasing The Dark Crystal. I dunno, I just know the line from it being sampled in the beginning of Crystal Method’s ‘Trip Like I Do’

    • Solkir

      Oh man…That’s really good. I might have to steal it.

  • Maxine of Arc

    Oh honey. Set it on fire and I’ll make you some cookies or something.

  • Jay_Bay

    Hold on, hold on…..wait….lemme check something.

    Yep, yep. I taste purple. I am listening to someone describing this game from a computer and my mind just broke. I know I said this countless times, but I must say again. He must know this is way on the absurd. He just had to. This must be the ultimate troll job, right?

  • JD

    Never give a sword to a man who cant Juggle .
    or is that dance?
    I forget.