RAW FEED: F.A.T.A.L. RPG: Character Creation Part 1: Ability Scores

I look at what is considered by many [read:all] to be the most heinous, wretched tabletop role-playing game ever conceived.

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  • Jay_Bay

    I just watch this and HOLY SWEET HELL, what in all the fucks was that. It is both extensively complex, horridly offensive, and (got a good feeling on this) mostly pointless in the grand scheme of things. Why do it had to be a 200 max system? Couldnt pair the numbers down to a managable range. God Damn, my head hurts just watching you plot these numbers in, and I love math. And when a simple character creation yields balancing issues, your system is broken beyond repair.

    I….I just dont even. May the Gods show mercy on us indeed…

  • seiler88

    Wasn’t this person (or persons) sued for plagerism by the Tolkien estate? If that did not happen then it should have because that race selection text was lifted strait out of the LOTR lore.

    Second, this is why almost every RPG ever axed gender stat modifications. It’s a headache.

    Last, high-five for dwarfing it up! Dwarves and humans don’t get enough love (too much elfsploitation).

  • Caller

    “Math: Male +3, Female -3.”

    Math is hard! *Giggle*

    For the love of…