Ezra Klein’s Awesome New Website Vox Hires Awesome New Gay Writer Who Doesn’t Actually Like Gays

Ezra Klein's Awesome New Website Vox Hires Awesome New Gay Writer Who Doesn't Actually Like Gays

We’re feeling like Ezra Klein’s exciting new media venture is just an elaborate trolling of the internet. First there was the terrible launch video and the tone deaf post explaining how you’re too dumb to understand the news. Now we’ve got gay-hating gay dude Brandon Ambrosino coming aboard, presumably to fill the gay slot. Heh.

No, really, do you know about this dude Ambrosino? He is, as your mother would probably say, a piece of work.

Time magazine gave him space to call gays the real bigots for piling on Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, who had equated homosexuality with bestiality and said gays weren’t going to heaven (still, Ambrosino says he wouldn’t mind going fishing with the guy). At The Atlantic, Ambrosino threw his hat in the ring for the founder of his alma mater, who blamed September 11 on gays and accused them of trying to “recruit” children; Ambrosino says liberals like Bill Maher have slandered the Moral Majority founder and says, in Falwell’s defense, that the guy with the “big fat smile” probably wouldn’t have had him stoned to death if he’d known about Ambrosino’s sexuality.

That is the largest pile of bullshit contrarian clickbait that we have seen in a while, people! This guy’s entire schtick is that he’ll whore himself out under pretty much any counterintuitive Slatepitch rubric ever, just for the lulz and the clicks. Need a gay who doesn’t go to Pride and slams gays who choose to be flamboyant high-heel wearing bits of fabulous? Call Brandon. Want a gay who will comfort you and hold your little bigoted hand and say “there, there, you’re not a homophobe” when you oppose gay marriage? Put Brandon on speed dial. Generally hate the gays but need a gay writer to wave around to magically proclaim you are pro-gay? Hellloooooo Brandon.

Ambrosino’s gay contrarianism has won him a loyal base of right-wing fans – including Glenn Beck, Breitbart News, and TownHall.com – all of whom have lauded Ambrosino’s work.

So this guy now has a fellowship or is a fellow or whatever they are calling it over at Vox, largely because Ezra Klein doesn’t really seem to understand what he’s doing or who he is hiring for his multimillion dollar empire.

So the big question: Why has a string of editors, culminating with Klein, given this guy a platform? In an interview on Wednesday evening, Klein told me he hadn’t read the pieces that had kicked up so much dust before bringing Ambrosino on but did so once he began facing criticism for the hire. “I don’t want to pretend that I have the context and the background to perfectly or authoritatively judge this debate,” Klein said. “But when I read his pieces, I didn’t come away with the impression that he holds an iota of homophobia.” “Homophobia”—which activists too often use as shorthand to describe anti-gay views that don’t necessarily stem from fear—may be the wrong word for it. But even a cursory read through Ambrosino’s writings should raise red flags. Klein, though, seems mystified by the blowback. He acknowledges that he is new to the process of staffing an enterprise like Vox. “I gotta be honest,” he said. “With a lot of this stuff, I’m trying to figure out what success means.”

Sigh. Success, for Ezra, means “people will keep giving me money for my nonsense venture, particularly if I hire someone conservatives like.” Also, homophobia, for Ezra, seems to mean only “getting your skull beat in with a tire iron” because apparently digging on gay bigots, being cool with hating gay marriage, and loving the vitriolically bigoted proclamations of one Mr. Jerry Falwell don’t add up to homophobia in his — or Brandon’s — book.

If this is how the new fiber-rich exciting new media that is Vox works, it’s going to need more better gay vegetables.

[American Prospect/Atlantic/Baltimore Sun/Media Matters]

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  • Dragoon21b

    Reminder: Send Ezra Klein copy of “Start-up’s for Dummies”

  • Guest

    Ezra, darling. Let me explain this to you, since you don’t seem to want the vegetables mixing in with your starch. “Context and background” are the very chlorophyl on which the entire produce section of this news thing is based. Except for the news that is more sort of carroty or squashy-yellow.

  • tegrat

    Which self-hating person of color will he hire, we wonder?

    • I hear Allen West needs a job.

      • TheLifeSilica

        What’s Herman Cain up to these days?

        • nothingisamiss

          Radio show in the dirty south. You just can’t quit the grift all at once, you know.

    • Zanetta Robinson

      Pretty please let it be Alan Keyes. I haven’t puked in a while.

  • ya know, i’ve done this before, the hiring up a staff thing. had to hire 30 or so people to populate huff post live. and you know, many of them had written or said stuff. i was busy. i did this thing though, where when i wanted to hire my right wing libertarian guy, i read his writing, because that’s what you do. and when i hired someone from RT i watched her stuff, read transcripts, to make sure i wasn’t getting a propagandist. it required staying late at work at times. but i was under the (clear mis)impression that hiring a staff for a news organization meant vetting a staff’s work. silly bunt.

    • Chow Yun Flat

      Seems that no one told Ezra Klein that he might have to do actual work before making his hiring decisions.

    • lesterthegiantape

      Was it you who decided to have all the videos auto-start? Because damn, son.

      • that was the voluptuous horror which is AOL’s 5min player, a nasty piece of work that brings you 30 second pre and post roll on a 2 minute video. the malfeasance and evil which is AOL knows no bounds.

        • lesterthegiantape

          I’m not such a prick in real life.

  • Dolmance

    He’s an editorial rent boy.

  • Terry

    Ambrosino is a 23 year old twink. Give him some time in the real world and he’ll find his own future. We need not treat the evangelicals as they have treated us. We’re winning the cultural war and we don’t need to be eating our own. He’ll grow up soon enough.

  • thepoliticalcat

    We Sensitive Peeps Of Colouredness refer to such yobs (when found in OUR ranks, of course) as “Uncle Toms,” or “Tio Tomas-es,” or “coconuts,” or “bananas.”

    • bobbert

      This is you, Z, right?

      • thepoliticalcat

        Afraid so, darlz. I just can’t leave y’all alone, yaknow.

  • sJames6621

    alwaaya somwe extremist with a reversed alimentary canal spouting out crap about gay peopletypically the same religion of the old south that justified slavery as per the bible

  • Manhattan123

    And cue Andrew Sullivan defending this clown in 3…2….1…

  • La Cieca

    I love Klein’s standard for hiring a gay columnist: “At a cursory glance, he doesn’t appear to be blatantly homophobic, so, yeah, sign him up.”

  • It looks like Ezra is going to be learning an old principle: The Peter Principle, as it appears that he’s found his level of incompetence. Seriously, there’s a big difference between being the boss and “running your own business” and “getting a regular paycheck.” It’s no longer someone else’s responsibility to vet things and make sure everything goes smoothly, it’s yours. Ezra’s about to learn that the hard way.

  • Oarboar

    At least Klein says he won’t be the LGBT correspondent: https://www.facebook.com/ezraklein/posts/10152347488818410But you still have to wonder what the hell he was thinking. At least in this internet age, any bullshit Ambrosino tries to spew won’t go unchallenged.