RAW FEED: Exploring Drive Angry

The unofficial Ghost Rider movie.

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  • mamba

    “The Accountant” was easily the BEST character in this movie, looked like he was having a ball playing him, and worth seeing this movie JUST for his scenes alone! without spoilers, he’s literally the “accountant from hell”, has the powers of Loki it seems, and he’s down a soul since nic escaped. But he’s so casual about it, it’s perfect!!! He doesn’t care, he’s just balancing the books…he’s not even in a rush to get him back!

    loved the movie, though cringed when Nic tried to duplicate the “shootout” scene from Shoot ’em Up…which did it far better. But hey, they can’t all be great scenes. ūüôā

    Though their “alternative” take on Hell and Satan (spoiler to say more) was hilarious for a non-christian like me. Though my christian friends liked it too, so clearly not TOO non-cannon. :).