Exene Cervenka thinking very bad Truther thoughts about the Santa Barbara shootings

Last time we wrote about how former X frontwoman Exene Cervenka had become a 9/11 truther, many of you showed up to say “nuh-UH, satire! Performance art!” Let the dream die, kids, because her most recent Twittering and YouTubing about the Santa Barbara shooting puts her pretty firmly in the “what the fuck, really?” category. Sorry kids.

As with many conspiracy theorists, we really have no idea what she’s on about. Also, we are too busy being sad that part of our youth is dead, because man, did we love X.


First, she’s thinking that maybe the whole thing was just a stunt to take away your guns.


The video she links to helpfully explains that the same people who done Sandy Hook are also, of course, the people behind the Santa Barbara shootings. Duh.

The shooting was also staged because glass arrived before the shooting.

Exene_Cervenka_Expresses_Via_Twitter_That_She_Thinks_Santa_Barbara_Shooting_Tragedy_Was_“Staged”_and_a_“Hoax”___mxdwn_com_News 2

Ok, we made it through like a minute of this video, but we actually have no idea what it is talking about. It’s confusing even from a conspiracy theory standpoint, but it does have a dope-ass beat behind it and the dude swears a lot, so you know it is real quality.


Also, too, green screens, of course.


We have no idea if this video is supposed to be proof that the whole shooting was done with green screens, or that Elliot Rodger knew how to use green screens, or what the hell, but it does come with Rodger talking his terrible and gut-churning talk about women, so you may want to give this one a pass, but not before you read the YouTube comments that suggest the real conspiracy here is that Elliot Rodger is actually probably a lady, which explains how this is a hoax because OK that does not explain anything actually.


What deal with the devil do we have to make to get More Fun In the New World-era Exene Cervenka back? In fact, let’s cleanse our palates with “The New World” right now, shall we, and we’ll forget this whole truther thing ever happened (no we won’t).

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