Exene Cervenka thinking very bad Truther thoughts about the Santa Barbara shootings

Last time we wrote about how former X frontwoman Exene Cervenka had become a 9/11 truther, many of you showed up to say “nuh-UH, satire! Performance art!” Let the dream die, kids, because her most recent Twittering and YouTubing about the Santa Barbara shooting puts her pretty firmly in the “what the fuck, really?” category. Sorry kids.

As with many conspiracy theorists, we really have no idea what she’s on about. Also, we are too busy being sad that part of our youth is dead, because man, did we love X.

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First, she’s thinking that maybe the whole thing was just a stunt to take away your guns.


The video she links to helpfully explains that the same people who done Sandy Hook are also, of course, the people behind the Santa Barbara shootings. Duh.

The shooting was also staged because glass arrived before the shooting.

Exene_Cervenka_Expresses_Via_Twitter_That_She_Thinks_Santa_Barbara_Shooting_Tragedy_Was_“Staged”_and_a_“Hoax”___mxdwn_com_News 2

Ok, we made it through like a minute of this video, but we actually have no idea what it is talking about. It’s confusing even from a conspiracy theory standpoint, but it does have a dope-ass beat behind it and the dude swears a lot, so you know it is real quality.


Also, too, green screens, of course.


We have no idea if this video is supposed to be proof that the whole shooting was done with green screens, or that Elliot Rodger knew how to use green screens, or what the hell, but it does come with Rodger talking his terrible and gut-churning talk about women, so you may want to give this one a pass, but not before you read the YouTube comments that suggest the real conspiracy here is that Elliot Rodger is actually probably a lady, which explains how this is a hoax because OK that does not explain anything actually.


What deal with the devil do we have to make to get More Fun In the New World-era Exene Cervenka back? In fact, let’s cleanse our palates with “The New World” right now, shall we, and we’ll forget this whole truther thing ever happened (no we won’t).

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  • Hammiepants

    SO depressing. The seminal band of my misspent youth. Sigh. Also? She cray-cray.


    • Arcturus


  • Chupacabra

    One the plus side, with all these wackos uploading gun porn videos, Obama knows exactly who to take the guns away from when he wins reelection in 2016.

    • Jamie Gordon

      You know he can’t run again, right? Two-term term-limit.

      • Camacho/Trump 2016!!

        Clearly you haven’t been paying attention.

      • Chupacabra

        He WILL run again. I saw it in an email my Uncle Cletus sent me. It explained everything. LOOK IT UP

        • Amy

          You forgot to say “sheeple”

      • Deleted

        This post was deleted.

    • Don’t be an idiot.Obama won’t need to “win reelection” after declaring Gay FEMA Law!My mom’s email trumps your uncle’s!

  • msanthropesmr

    Fuck.Oh well.On a positive note, John Doe just released a new album, and Dave and Phil Alvin are about to release a new album of Big Bill Broonzy (NOT BRONY) songs.

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      Brony songs- now that’s a horse of a different color…

  • MaxUdargo

    X? I’m either too young or too old, I don’t know which.

  • (((JustPixelz)))

    Does this mean the killings aren’t because of gay marriage?

  • Karen Hanley Fogarty

    I has a sad. Isn’t X (all original band members) scheduled to play a set of shows at The Roxy this summer?

    • Yes. “Starting July 10, X will play “Los Angeles,” followed by “Wild Gift” on July 11, “Under the Big Black Sun” on July 12 and “More Fun in the New World” on July 13. The group’s albums helped define West Coast punk rock in the 1980s.”Glad their well hasn’t run dry. Hee hee.

  • LesBontemps

    Oh Exene … I haz such a sad.

  • gurukalehuru

    I’m a 9/11 truther. Two planes. Three buildings. Also, the ‘plane’ that hit the Pentagon, scooting right in there at ground floor level, on the flat like that. Let’s say it was going 360 mph, which is likely since they weren’t landing or any such thing. That’s a mile a second. Where was that aircraft 3 seconds before impact? 5 seconds? 5 miles away, coming in fast, and blasting the ears off of motorists below. I’ve yet to hear one person say “OMG, it went right over our heads, everybody pulled over to the side of the freeway and watched!”

    • Jamie Gordon

      Pentagon. Was there…well, standing on Army-Navy Drive 1000 yds. away across a field and watched it hit. I know people who were on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and said things very similar to “OMG, it went right over our heads, everybody pulled over to the side of the freeway and watched!” (Actually, they were sitting in gridlock on the bridge. The Woody is always grid-locked from 7am straight through to 10am on weekdays.) I also know people who were in the Pentagon Metro stop when it hit and I know people that died in the building, including my bosses’ fiance.Now will you concede you’re full of shit? Lots of DC/NoVA residents had the experiences you’re saying you never heard…probably because you don’t want to hear. It would fuck up your pretty little conspiracy theory.

      • thedeadtext

        No. The focus is in the conspiracy. No level of facts or reality will sway that.

        • Deleted

          This post was deleted.

      • andreamd

        guru is full of shit- I’ve been over this before.

      • Sally Johnson

        The conspiracy thing that gets me is the one where they deny that an aircraft hitting the Pentagon caused all the damage. Here’s how I handle that one:You stand there while I throw an empty soda can at your head as hard as I can. It might sting a bit when it hits, but no serious damage. Next, I’m going to throw a full soda can at your head as hard as I can and knock your dumb ass out.These idiots forget that the fuel, baggage and people had mass at the instant of collision. That mass burned away leaving plane wreckage halfway through the Pentagon.

      • It’s obviously a conspiracy cooked up by Louise Baltimore to take people into her future world without leaving any evidence.

      • gingerland62

        He will just rationalize it by saying your a shill for the government.

    • temporarily’tom’

      360 mph is a mile every 10 seconds. A mile a second would be 3600 mph. Math…It’s AWESOME!

      • randomness lez

        never let facts get in the way of a good story

    • Zippy W Pinhead


    • BMW

      Your hearsay evidence and bad math don’t exactly make an airtight argument.

      • Zippy W Pinhead

        at 3600 mph you can bet a pane would be blasting people’s ears off- a sonic boom only a few hundred feet over your head would definitely get your attention

    • twoody

      Time for someone’s meds…..

    • $73376667

      I’ve yet to hear one person say “OMG, it went right over our heads,

      When you’re literally in the bottom of a manmade canyon thanks to some of the world’s tallest buildings, you don’t have a clear line-of-sight to a heck of a lot of sky. Even if you do hear the engines over the din of Lower Manhattan and find it unusual enough (compared to all the other planes flying over Lower Manhattan) to look up, by the time you do look up it will likely be behind a building.

    • $73376667

      Also too:

      Also, the ‘plane’ that hit the Pentagon, scooting right in there at ground floor level, on the flat like that.

      Because NoVa isn’t Lower Manhattan, there aren’t any properly tall buildings to obscure views. So the pilot would be able to see it from well on the Maryland/DC side of the river (i.e. the broad, flat, featureless body of water right next door to the Pentagon) and start pointing the plane at his target, maintaining visual contact the entire way in. And since there’s no bomb sights or the like on most commercial airliners, the pilot could only see so far below horizontal from within the cockpit, making a straight-and-level approach the only practical thing to do. He wasn’t flying a dive-bomber, and they don’t teach dive-bombing in civilian flight schools.If the plane suddenly popped up at the last second to make a plunging dive, that would be the hallmark of a missile, which are built specifically to do that.

    • ZootSuitRiot

      “Let’s say it was going 360 mph, which is likely since they weren’t landing or any such thing. That’s a mile a second.”You might want to double check your math. Then realize that commercial airliners do not, in fact, travel 3,600 mph.

  • noahblammo

    So many X lyrics to satirize her with: “Her phone’s off the hook… and so is she,” etc. On the other hand, she used to be married to Viggo Mortensen, so there are both X jokes AND Lord of the Rings jokes just waiting to be told. Still… it is sad.

    • randomness lez

      johnny hit and run exene upside the head

      • LesBontemps

        He gave her the once-over twice. She’s desperate, get used to it.Also too, she had to leave Los Angeles.

    • “Nausea …”

  • sylvanica

    I’m confused as to what his point is. I know that he is mentally insane but sometimes even the insane have a thought process / logic, even if it’s faulty. THERE ARE COPS HERE. LOOK, A CRATE!! … That is seriously it?

    • gingerland62

      And apparently he knows what is in the crate even though it is wrapped up. What a crazy-and you know he owns multiple weapons.

    • Sean McLaren

      Ugh, I did a little clicking, and apparently there are boxes that look like they have glass in that were there the next day or possibly that night. They’re claiming that these were to replace the glass in the window that was broken in the shooting, so the idea is that they had replacement glass there before the shooting. Seems like pretty shoddy conspiracy work to me, but hey,if it’s good enough to indoctrinate the masses for the coming of our reptilian overlords, then no harm, no foul, right?

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • Face it, X was a pretty limp combo, esp. in retrospect. I mean, harmonies? Like a lower-rent Eagles, but w/ better guitar.Not to forget, either, that Christine has health troubles. We might blame the disease (whatever she thinks it is, or medications).

  • temporarily’tom’

    Huh…Staged for gun control? I figured it was staged for knife or hammer control…my bad.

  • i’m starting to think my favorite x song was meant in exactly the opposite way i thought. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSsCrFLGv6Q I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts indeed.

  • eastcoastlib

    I used to love X too but don’t they call it Molly now?

  • keinsignal

    As a guy who’s always thought most west coast punk was shit, I guess I feel a tiny bit more vindicated than usual… Anyway, Exene’s marbles have been dribbling away for some time now. Back in 1990 or thereabouts she was writing heartfelt songs about how we shouldn’t have satellites because that’s just messing with Heaven.

    • TJ Barke

      Bad Religion libel!

      • NationalGalleryofClipArt

        We’re thru the looking-glass into the unknown, people.

  • I blame country music. She was never the same after The Knitters.

    • jeinsj

      There is a correlation between country music and being a truther, but causality is trickier.

  • Jeff Mc Donald

    One of the people responsible for one of the best live shows I ever saw, is batshit crazy. Damn.

  • D Sanon

    “former X frontwoman Exene Cervenka” lol… Just saw Exene with John Doe, Billy Zoom and DJ Bonebreak in Pheonix last fall. Yep, she’s crazy but did anyone ever think anything else?

  • hellslittlestangel

    Sad but too often true: scratch a punk, find a right-whinger.