Exene Cervenka is probably a 9/11 and Sandy Hook Truther now and we are sad

Man, we love Exene Cervenka and X from way back. Like WAY back to “Johnny Hit And Run Paulene” back, so we are deeply sad and weirded out by the fact that Exene seems to have gone full-on conspiracy theorist on us when we weren’t looking. Say it ain’t so!

Here’s a confusing and be-saddening video where she explains that she is going to unite conspiracy theorists and non-conspiracy theorists because she is a “conspiracy therapist,” which does not actually sound better than conspiracy theorist. SPOILER ALERT: there’s some free association involved and she’s now calling herself Christine Notmyrealname, which may be for purposes of this video only or her new nom de plume. We really have no idea.


We’ve watched this a couple times now, and near as we can figure, she is defending truthers from the slings and arrows of those who would mock them with that name, because the opposite of truth is liar. GOTCHA.


The folks over at Dangerous Minds watched a lot more of Exene/Christine’s compendium of super fun time conspiracy theories over at her YouTube channel, bless their souls, so here is your useful summary if you don’t feel like doing a deep dive into the weird.

Cervenka has a kooky YouTube channel full-to-burstin’ with bonkers shit. Samples from her playlists called “Liked videos,” “Favorite videos,” and “random greatness” include “exposés” of Reptilian shape-shifters, “proof” that the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary was fake, and the Internet paranoiac’s usual array of 9/11-OMG-the-currency-is-about-to-crash-wake-up-sheeple-everything’s-a-false-flag crap.

Yeah, there are a disturbingly large variety of videos about how Sandy Hook didn’t happen, or maybe it happened and someone else did it. Did you really think we were going to watch them? On the other hand who DOESN’T believe in reptilian shape-shifters? Everyone knows the lizard people stole the election for Al Franken up in Minnesota.

Our personal favorite video that Exene likes or favorites or follows or friended or whatever you do to indicate your love of YouTube videos is the one where a menacing yet earnest lady explains that Obama is not only all birth certificate fakey, he is trying to hide his DNA because he is a clone of an Egyptian pharaoh, which completely makes sense.

Kudos to this lady for going way above and beyond the run-of-the-mill Bamz birther theories.

Now, do we think Exene believes all this stuff? We would like to think not, but if this is some sort of elaborate prank or performance art piece or what have you, she is going the whole nine yards on this thing. So, either kudos to her for really suffering for her art, because surely watching Sandy Hook hoax video after Sandy Hook hoax video would take a toll on your soul, or boo to her for having gone round the bend weird as opposed to Stevie Nicks-shawl type weird.

Our hearts say performance art, but our brains say that she’ll likely be showing up on Alex Jones or Glenn Beck (or both! why choose?) in the near future. How the punk mighty have fallen.

[Dangerous Minds/Exene [Christine] Cervenka YouTube Channel]

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