Exene Cervenka Is Probably A 9/11 And Sandy Hook Truther Now And We Are Sad

Man, we love Exene Cervenka and X from way back. Like WAY back to “Johnny Hit And Run Paulene” back, so we are deeply sad and weirded out by the fact that Exene seems to have gone full-on conspiracy theorist on us when we weren’t looking. Say it ain’t so!

Here’s a confusing and be-saddening video where she explains that she is going to unite conspiracy theorists and non-conspiracy theorists because she is a “conspiracy therapist,” which does not actually sound better than conspiracy theorist. SPOILER ALERT: there’s some free association involved and she’s now calling herself Christine Notmyrealname, which may be for purposes of this video only or her new nom de plume. We really have no idea.


We’ve watched this a couple times now, and near as we can figure, she is defending truthers from the slings and arrows of those who would mock them with that name, because the opposite of truth is liar. GOTCHA.

The folks over at Dangerous Minds watched a lot more of Exene/Christine’s compendium of super fun time conspiracy theories over at her YouTube channel, bless their souls, so here is your useful summary if you don’t feel like doing a deep dive into the weird.

Cervenka has a kooky YouTube channel full-to-burstin’ with bonkers shit. Samples from her playlists called “Liked videos,” “Favorite videos,” and “random greatness” include “exposés” of Reptilian shape-shifters, “proof” that the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary was fake, and the Internet paranoiac’s usual array of 9/11-OMG-the-currency-is-about-to-crash-wake-up-sheeple-everything’s-a-false-flag crap.

Yeah, there are a disturbingly large variety of videos about how Sandy Hook didn’t happen, or maybe it happened and someone else did it. Did you really think we were going to watch them? On the other hand who DOESN’T believe in reptilian shape-shifters? Everyone knows the lizard people stole the election for Al Franken up in Minnesota.

Our personal favorite video that Exene likes or favorites or follows or friended or whatever you do to indicate your love of YouTube videos is the one where a menacing yet earnest lady explains that Obama is not only all birth certificate fakey, he is trying to hide his DNA because he is a clone of an Egyptian pharaoh, which completely makes sense.

Kudos to this lady for going way above and beyond the run-of-the-mill Bamz birther theories.

Now, do we think Exene believes all this stuff? We would like to think not, but if this is some sort of elaborate prank or performance art piece or what have you, she is going the whole nine yards on this thing. So, either kudos to her for really suffering for her art, because surely watching Sandy Hook hoax video after Sandy Hook hoax video would take a toll on your soul, or boo to her for having gone round the bend weird as opposed to Stevie Nicks-shawl type weird.

Our hearts say performance art, but our brains say that she’ll likely be showing up on Alex Jones or Glenn Beck (or both! why choose?) in the near future. How the punk mighty have fallen.

[Dangerous Minds/Exene [Christine] Cervenka YouTube Channel]

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  • msanthropesmr

    Perhaps I am in denial, but I refuse to believe that one of my heroes is a nutjob. This is performance art. Please? Please? (In another interview, she says she’s moving back to Texas where they have huns …yeehaaa….)Some people ask me why, I’m such a bastard. Wringin their necks ain’t no fun and stomping kills em faster….

    • Pat_Pending


  • Hammiepants

    This breaks my my heart, hyperbole aside. X was pretty much the seminal band of my youth.

  • Swampgas_Man

    You guys might also have a problem w/ this wingnut on the Comedy Central, goes by the name of Colbert.It’s a JOKE, you idiots! She follows crazy people for the same reason I would if I had, like, nothing better to do all day.

    • Jack Hammer

      In the dumbing down of America, irony was the first casualty.

  • Joseph

    The woman with the nervous eyes is a hero for staying off her meds long enough to record the whole thing.

  • Horace Tidas
  • jjdaddyo

    She was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and I am hoping this is all fallout from a bad batch of meds.And I had forgotten that she is the former Mrs. Viggo Mortenson until I looked her up a few minutes ago.

  • One more data point: the Wikipedia tells me that Christene is in fact her real name.

  • Mojopo

    This makes me cringe a little, because I have thumbs-up on YouTube for my neighbor’s UFO videos. He is a really nice neighbor, and fuck it – if I can’t thumbs-up a neighbor, then put a fork in me, I am done. On the other hand, that lizard people/Illuminati/FEMA camp business is a line I cannot cross. Is there a remote possibility that Exene is related to or neighbors with any of these people, and she is trying to be supportive of the amount of time they put into a hobby? Please say yes. Please help me rationalize this.

  • elpinche

    I did a TON of drugs in the 90s when Alex Jones had a shitty little Austin access show. I believed all that horseshit (lizardism, illuminati, bohemian grove , jesus=alien, etc) It can happen to anyone.

    • Deleted

      This post was deleted.

  • Cindyinencinitas

    It’s called too many hallucinogens, my friends. The telltale signs of being sizzled in the frontal lobe region. Pretty punk, actually, to destroy your brain because life is futile anyway. A hero’s sacrifice.

  • Amanda Mitchell

    I am just going to be in denial & believe that Exene is just doing some sort of whack-a-doodle performance art.

  • Miguelito Perro

    I know she has MS and after seeing X a little over a year ago I can confirm that she does not seem well. I will continue to love her…

  • Nixon, etc.

    True fact: I have Exene’s autograph (2002/03 mebbe?) on the back of my old probation officer’s business card! PUNKER THAN YOU!ETA: It was after a show at a small bar in Phila, with her old band. She was beyond nice. Super-friendly, talking to fans in the crowd after playing. She seemed genuinely amused when I fumbled in my shirt pocket to find something for her to sign, and thought that that trumped an index card. (I had to phone in the next morning, so I was carrying it that night.) Anyway, I cringe when people say this word, but here goes: she was a genuinely lovely person. That is all. (Still…PUNKER THAN YOU!)

  • JimNauseam

    As far as “thetruthergirls” Youtube page goes, I just looked at it and it’s a humor/sarcasm site. Maybe Exene is just kidding.

  • Annie Towne

    MS can cause lesions on the brain, so it is quite possible she is, quite literally, out of her mind due to physical causes. Whatever the reason for her derangement, it is very sad.

  • Pat_Pending

    I too have Exene’s autograph on an X calendar. SHE actually came up to ME after the show and said, “You look like you need my autograph!” I was mega-flustered and thrilled. This was like four years ago, got John Doe and Billy Zoom’s too. And they CRUSHED it that night… I really hope this is temporary insanity.

    • Nixon, etc.

      Cool story, although I don’t understand why you’d be carrying an X calendar in your shirt’s specially designated probation-officer’s-business-card pocket. ;0]Also, too…an X calendar?!?

      • Pat_Pending

        I was in the process of buying the calendar after the show when the band was walking thru. But I like your version better…

  • C M Concepcion

    One does wonder why the still sexy Viggo Mortensen dumped her. On the other hand, there’s plenty of evidence to prove that 9/11 was indeed an inside job.

  • Haribo Lector

    Mental illness isn’t funny :(

  • $160578

    A punk is a terrible thing to waste.

  • bitchincamaro2

    Andy Dwyer from Parks&Rec called. He thinks you’re nuts.

  • GOD FUCKING DAMMIT. i love her so much. and it gets worse, much worse, because my wife is the subject of a lot of the Sandy Hook truther shit, and i see that exene has linked to it.it’s so insane how this has happened (my wife took photos in 2005 of children who some have decided are the “real” kids from 2012 or something, honestly i don’t even know how to parse it), and now one of my actual, for realsies, punk rock heroes is slinging this same horseshit?whatthefuck

  • hellslittlestangel

    Just because you were cool thirty-odd years ago doesn’t mean you’re still cool today. See also: Mo Tucker, Lydia Lunch.

    • Nixon, etc.

      The Mo Tucker evolution was a total bummer; shocked when I heard about that. Never heard anything about Lydia Lunch that was too crazy, though. Did I miss something?

      • hellslittlestangel

        You could google “Lydia Lunch self-help guru California” if you dare.

  • Rhymeswithnormal

    Exene is misunderstood and poorly judged by people with narrow minds.I agree with her on most of these issues. And I think the only thing dangerous about Dangerous Minds, is their fear of questioning the official story when it comes to these huge mainstream media events. I never saw DM give any real coverage of the facts of 9/11. But they sure love to say how crazy people are that question these things. Well I question them. I don’t believe the official stories of JFK, RFK, The Moon Landing, 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing and many other events. I am not saying that they didn’t happen. I just don’t believe the official narrative When it comes to Sandy Hook….there is little verifiable evidence presented to the public showing that it happened as reported in (the often conflicting) mainstream media accounts. Where is the CC video footage of the shooter in the school? What about crime scene photos…Autopsy photos…etc? None of this has been released to the public for scrutiny. All we got was a lot of theatre to make people support the Homeland Security state out of a knee jerk reaction of fear and panic. Yes good for Exene. She is smart and fearless. You call us crazy because you are too scared and lazy to think for yourselves.I am so sick of people who villify truthers and official story doubters. I question everything I read in the mainstream media because today there is no accountability. The NY Times facilitated the lies that got us into unjust and illegal wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria and more. They never cover Israeli war crimes against it’s neighbors. Why is that? They never cover Bush or Clinton’s war crimes. Why is that? They stood by silent as our elected officials trashed our Bill of Rights in the name of “Homeland Security”. Why is that?And where is the outrage at so much state sponsored murder in the name of “Liberty”? Silence equals complicity. So why should I blindly trust them when it comes to these other events?Yes, I question the mainstream media reporting. I am skeptical of so many lies presented daily as fact. So you call me a truther, like it is a terrible thing. But that just shows you have a narrow mind. I support the truth and I support Exene’s right to speak out. (Even if she is a White Girl)