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Horror Guru is having the best day of his life because the remake of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead starring Jane Levy is out! But Count Jackula spoils his fun. The only way to solve this is with murder!

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  • Loved all the little Raimi references. Oz, Spider-man, the Darkman bit was fucking perfect. And the recreation of the special effects from Evil Dead II looked great. Not sure what the pirate thing was supposed to be referencing, though, XD

    Also Jack, I’d like to hear you expand a little on this idea that the remake justified the rape scene way more than the original did, because my observation was the exact opposite. In the original the scene was just other shock moment in a film all about shock moments, it was an exploitation film, so it fit. In the remake it’s just this random moment that sticks out like a sore thumb. How exactly did you feel they justified it?

    • Jack Shen


      Ok, the rape scene serves a simple narrative purpose. It is how the demon “enters” the girl’s body. In the remake the demon is literally “in the woods,” meaning the trees. It’s in the trees. So when the foliage holds her down and the root goes up her skirt (the “root of evil” if you will) enters her that way.

      Possession is always a matter of having something enter you, either literally (like in this movie, or The Entity, or The Possession) or figuratively like in The Exorcist or Witchboard (in those cases it’s a ouji board, and the phrase that ALWAYS Accompanies a ouji board scene is ::DRUM ROLL:: “You have to OPEN yourself up.”).

      Now, in possession stories, men have to be OPENED, but women tend to be open by default. Why? Well, think about it. That’s right, because possession stories are really talking about rape and sexual abuse. That is why The Entity in the eponymous movie behaves the way it does. That’s why Reagan in The Exorcist becomes so twisted and salacious. It’s why everything about Nell in The Last Exorcism revolves around sexual activity, sexual repression and pregnancy.

      Possession is about rape. It’s way they often say someone being possessed has been “violated.” In the original The Evil Dead the tree rape happens because they try to escape, but the demon has already been released and possessed someone. But in Evil Dead (2013), the tree rape comes first. It is the means by which the demon possesses Mia, leading to everything else.

      Given the ongoing drug abuse themes of the movie and that rape is the primary occupational hazard of the female junkie, I think Evil Dead (2013) justified it better than using a rape scene for mere shock value.

      • That actually makes it a lot more sense. Not sure I totally agree with it, to me making the movie a drug abuse metaphor makes any connection to sexual abuse a lot more tangential. But it’s and interesting thought.

      • Endorenna

        Honestly, the one reason I haven’t wanted to see this movie is the same reason I haven’t seen the original: the tree rape scene. As a girl, I find graphic depictions of rape in movies to be rather disturbing, even when they serve an actual purpose. However…since this movie actually -does- have a purpose for the scene instead of it just sort of being there, I’m far more inclined to check it out. Thanks for the review, and the post down here explaining the comment about the scene. Looks like a movie I should see if I’m trying to get into the horror genre a bit. :)

        • If you’re just exposing yourself to the genre then a movie like this wouldn’t be your best bet for the main reason that’s it’s super gnarly and intense, even for veterans like I. I recommend going for some of the older classics, the Universal fair or maybe even some of the 70’s films. Hell, think about what kind of movies you like – Science Fiction, Fantasy or whatever – and see a classic horror movie in that mold. =)

          • Endorenna

            Oh, I plan to watch other horror movies first, definitely, haha. I should probably start with PG-13 fare like “Mama” (I think that was the title) and suspense like “Sinister.” Probably won’t go for many of the older horror movies…at least, not the ones that are the classic gore-fests and such. I honestly don’t know why, but I find the old version of gory much more disturbing than the more realistic version of gory now. Go figure.
            Anyway, just adding this to the list. To watch on DVD. Where I have access to a pause button. ;)

            Darn you, Cabin in the Woods, for getting me interested in the genre. (/mutters unkind things about Joss Whedon, despite liking almost everything he’s done outside of the Aliens franchise…)

          • Jack Shen

            Yeah Alien Resurrection is kind of a mess. If you wanna do horror, I recommend just diving in. Go for something with a hard-R. There’s always “The People Under the Stairs” which doesn’t skimp on horror, but is darkly humorous. It has just enough gore to be disturbing, but doesn’t take it to the levels of the Evil Dead remake.

          • MephLord

            Would you recommend the House franchise, Alien, Deep Star Six, Abyss and Psycho as good “introductory” horror movies for those that don’t want to deal with a ton of gore in their horror movies? I’d never recommend Hostel or Audition for casual fans of the horror genre.

          • I’d say House, Alien or Psycho are pretty damn good introductions yes. =)

          • MephLord

            I have a question for you: Would you consider Gremlins a horror movie or a comedy movie? I know it skirts the line with utmost effectiveness but I am not sure which genre it best applies to.

          • Horror. Or Horror Comedy, if you prefer. It’s possible for a film to fall under multiple categories. =)

          • Endorenna

            Hmm, okay…haven’t heard of that one, but I like dark humor, so that’s a good start. :p
            Well, I have a lot of movie watching to do after finals!

      • fish eye no miko

        “men have to be OPENED, but women tend to be open by default. Why? Well, think about it. That’s right, because possession stories are really talking about rape and sexual abuse.

        You know men get raped, right?
        And “women are open by default”? WTF does that even mean in this context?

        • Jack Shen

          “Women are open by default” what does that mean?

          Well, every human language describes female genitalia as an opening or as something hollow. For example “vagina” means sheath/scabbard. Other languages call it a portal or valve. It’s described that way because of the way humans have intercourse. Either the man enters the woman, or the woman swallows the man’s penis. Either way, the woman is opens and takes things in.

          Metaphors are expressions of human experience and that kind of experience leads to the idea that women open themselves (or are opened) during intimacy. Thus, in a metaphorical sense, a woman is open.

          Now if we want to talk abut this context specifically. The possession story is also about pregnancy. Think about it from a more primitive viewpoint (since this is how most symbology is formed). A new life “enters” a woman from…somewhere…and then she gives birth. All cultures believe in some kind of soul (life essence, human will, etc) and a child is obviously separate from the mother, so where does this new soul come from? And the only thing ancient cultures could come up with, is that the newborn soul somehow enters the woman from heaven (or the spirit world, Dream Time, etc). And if something goes in, then what it goes into is OPEN.

  • danbreunig

    Uncle Barney is the reincarnation of Barney from I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus. I totally hear it.

    I’m really impressed you guys made a review this long, structured, and detailed with just the two of you and no cameo help. Kind of like Guru and Jackula are to FNF what Brad Delp and Tom Scholz are to Boston. (Well Jackula, I kinda see you as a lead guitarist somewhere–why not?)

    • Jack Shen
      • MephLord

        Is Boston the last group to use MySpace? Cause if so that would be so epic.

    • Jack Shen

      Actually, now I think about it…rock and roll…genre movie references…obsession with old movie stars…I think we’re Blue Oyster Cult. I call Buck Dharma.

      • danbreunig

        And Guru can be Eric Bloom! And…just dreaming up my fantasy AB crossover special:

        Friday Night Flicks + the Agony Anarchists = BOOTHKLOK!

        Jackula, the Count with threads
        Renegado, rolling heads
        Mister Mendo, Mendo, Mendo
        Sofie Liv, the drummer Dane, doodily doodily Dane
        Horror Guru!

        Sorry for getting carried away; I’m just in that mood, rocking & metal & flicks and all that…..

        • I approve of this message.

        • Jack Shen

          Aw man, now I just have to learn to play something or sing. But that’s a minor detail.

  • The_Stig

    Pretty much this. THIS is how you do a remake! Take the original premise and do something original with it. Best remake since The Thing.

    • Hells yeah!

    • Jack Shen

      John Carpenter’s “The Thing” was the first horror movie I ever saw. I saw that with my dad on cable TV, I was 7. It changed my life.

      • Thomas Stockel

        If John Carpenter’s The Thing doesn’t scare you, then you are a robot. Or dead. Or a dead robot.

  • Alexa

    I remember when before this came out and some were outraged that Diablo Cody was part of the writing team. Seems like she did an okay job, possibly having to do with there being two other writers and she was just there to help a little with the female characters apparently. She’s not even credited. All that gasket busting for nothing.

    Also its weird I have seen the first Evil Dead, and Army of Darkness, but not Evil Dead 2. Don’t worry I’ll watch it, just when its the right time. I actually want to see it at a theater, hopefully one of the local independent ones will play it.

    • Evil Dead II is fun times. Definitely check that one out. =)

      • Alexa

        Of course It looks like a blast, I certainly love Army of Darkness. Favorite line “Good, Bad, I’m the guy with the gun.” :3

  • The Blockbuster Chick

    Awesome review you guys!! I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie, Oh and the Darkman references…..sheer class! :)

  • I disagree with you guys on the characters, but agree 100% about the last hour of the film.