VIDEO: The Evil Dead (1981)

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The Horror Guru reviews the “ultimate experience in grueling terror”, otherwise known as The Evil Dead.

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  • The original may be cheesy, but it does manage to have a couple of very chilling sequences effective even today, and it also kicks ass.

    • The Horror Guru


    • Bouncy X

      80s cheese tends to be the best cheese because the work was ernest. so the shortcomings are just due to big dreams vs. small to non existant budgets. these days they try and do cheese on purpose which just comes off badly and makes the movie even worse than it would be otherwise.

  • madmanoreo

    I know that feel, I lost a chunk of skin down to the muscle while finger-banging a food processor

    • The Horror Guru

      Totally, man. Shit’s rough.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Bitchin’ review, MM!

    • The Horror Guru

      Thank you sir.

  • Jimi Hendrix

    Best Evil Dead review I’ve seen so far, and I’ve seen at least 436 Evil Dead reviews.

    • mamba

      Agree 100%, good tone, honestly pointed out the flaws with the good, and hilarious to boot.

      • The Horror Guru

        Aww, thank you both. =)